Ever wondered what the difference between pour over and a French press coffee makers is? Or how a stovetop espresso maker compares to them? We’ve got you covered! Have a look at our quick guide to coffee makers.

Quick guide to coffee makers

While we have comprehensive blog posts available for every brewing method, we wanted to give a quick overview of the different brewing methods and coffee makers.


Espresso makers, French presses and pour over coffee brewers don’t just differ in their preparation methods, the flavour profile is different, too.


Stovetop espresso makers

Stovetop espresso makers are also called Moka pots or Italian espresso makers. As the name suggests, you have to place this coffee maker on a stovetop to brew your coffee. It can be used with gas or electric ones. The use on induction ovens is not recommended.

Stovetop espresso makers come in different sizes like 3 cup, 6 cup or 12 cup. For the best results, we recommend to make a full pot at a time.

open lid aluminum espresso moke coffee maker

How much coffee to use: Fill filter provided

What kind of grind: Fine ground coffee

Flavour profile: Makes a strong & bold espresso

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French press coffee maker

The French press also goes by the name “coffee press” or “coffee plunger”. It’s an immersion brewing technique with a beaker and a plunger that’s quick and easy to use. They also come in different sizes. You can get a small 350 ml one to make one cup of coffee at a time or a large 1500 ml one to make coffee for the whole family.

A French press is very versatile and is also great for loose-leaf teas.

GROSCHE MADRID Premium French press | Side view with tea 1500 ml

How much coffee to use: 1 tablespoon for every cup

What kind of grind: Medium to heavy coarseness

Flavour profile: Make a strong & flavourful coffee

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Pour over coffee brewer

The pour over is a craft brew coffee maker that works almost exactly like your regular drip coffee machine. Except for the electricity. With a pour over coffee maker you do everything that the machine would do manually in order to have full control over the brewing process.

 GROSCHE AUSTIN pour over coffee maker | Side view with coffee and filter

How much coffee: 2-3 tablespoons for every cup

What kind of grind: Medium coarseness

Flavour profile: Make a milder and more rounded coffee

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    You should go into more detail about the difference between syphons and pour overs etc. different coffee techniques and brewing temperatures (hot vs cold brew) have different advantages and disadvantages. But overall thanks for the post about coffee methods.

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