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Wholesale with heart

Searching for wholesale coffee ware or tea ware? For suppliers and drop-shippers of craft brew coffee makers, infuser teapots, water pitchers and accessories?  You found us! We supply wholesale orders to Canada, USA, South America, and other countries as well.

Our product selection includes high quality French presses, pour over coffee makers, coffee supplies, infuser teapots, water infusers, tea infuser mugs, kitchenware, and more. Our Glass wholesale coffee mugs are very popular.

We’re a social enterprise and a certified B Corp with a mission to “Be a Source of Joy in the World”. For every product sold, we fund 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need through our Safe Water Project. You can consider us your Fair Trade wholesale suppliers for coffee and tea wares. Learn more about us.


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Our customers

 We offer wholesale accounts to all established retailers such as kitchenware stores, home and garden, gourmet and specialty retailers, and department stores.
Our products sell in cafés, coffee shops, independent retailers, chain stores, department stores, restaurants and hotels. So we can help supply you wholesale coffee ware like french presses, and other coffee and tea kitchenware products for your retail store. 

As a global b2b wholesale supplier, our customers span from the USA and Canada to South America, Europe and as far as New Zealand.

If you’re not sure if any of these categories apply to you or if you simply like to talk to somebody in person about  retail opportunities, please give us a call.



How it works

Wholesale Step 1 Signup

Apply for an account by filling in the form on our Wholesale Canada and Wholesale USA website. If you meet the wholesale account criteria, we will have your account up and running within 1-2 business days.




Wholesale Step 2 Order


Simply browse our wholesale website and place products into your shopping cart to calculate shipping. We don’t have minimum order requirements but all our products come in either packs of 2 or 4 pieces.




We ship from our warehouses in Canada and the USA. Our multiple warehouses allow us to offer fast delivery with tracking. Your shipment will arrive within 5-8 business days with economy shipping.





Signup or Login to your Wholesale account here:






Wholesale FAQ:

Q: What do I need to open a Wholesale account with GROSCHE?

A: To open this account you should be a retailer with a running business and a tax ID for Canada or the USA. You will need the retailer Tax IDs / HST numbers to open your wholesale account. 

Q: Do you sell to independent kitchenware stores or just department stores?

A: It doesn’t matter how big your retailer operation is, we are happy to wok with you. Many of our customers are independent retailers with a single location looking for wholesale coffee ware and tea accessories. 

Q: Can I sell your products on Amazon or on Ebay?

A: We restrict selling our product on Amazon so that the pricing can be maintained at the MSRP, and all retailers can compete effectively in the marketplace. So while you can sell out products in your store, on your website, we do not allow for anyone to sell our products on Amazon.com. 

Q: Do I need to purchase the products in full case quantities when I buy wholesale for USA or Canada?

A: No, we break the full cases for you and you can buy the products in mini packs of 4 pcs per product. 

Q: So do you sell roasted coffee beans wholesale with the wholesale coffee ware?

A: The answer is that Yes, we do sell our freshly roasted wholesale coffee beans – but currently in Canada only. 

Q: Is there any due to supply these items from Canada to the USA?

A: All products shipped to the USA are duty paid and there are never any customs or related importation charges for the retailer to pay. We take care of all that for you. It just like ordering from a supplier in your home state. 


If you have any other questions please contact us to inquire about opening your wholesale account with us:    contact us