How to Make Siphon Coffee

siphon coffee stir the coffee to brew it in the top chamber in the vaccuum coffee syphon grosche heisenberg

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably heard the term siphon coffee before. If not, we’re psyched to be the ones introducing you to the coolest way of brewing a cup of joe.  In this post, we’ll explain what siphon coffee is, how it works, along with a step by step guide on how to make it. Let’s begin!  CONTINUE READING

How to Make Matcha Green Tea – Traditional Style

How to make green tea matcha

Matcha, matcha, matcha! It’s all of the rage. It may be from the numerous benefits it provides, the smooth taste it offers or from the spirituality and tranquillity associated with it. Nonetheless, cafes and restaurants around the world are working hard to learn how to make matcha green tea to keep up with the increasing trend.  So what is it that makes matcha so special anyways? In this post, we’ll take a look at the caffeine levels, the benefits, storing it and how to make matcha green tea – the traditional way.  CONTINUE READING

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

how to make cold brew in a french press grosche boston

We’ve all heard the term cold brew coffee thrown around before. But do you know what cold brew actually is? What makes it different from iced coffee? Do we need a special cold brew coffee maker to brew it? The term may sound fancy but when it comes down to it, it’s actually quite simple. CONTINUE READING

Bulletproof coffee: Everything you need to know

Bulletproof coffee

Everybody is talking about Bulletproof coffee or butter coffee these days. People who drink it claim numerous health benefits from being more alert to losing weight. We’ll have a look at the concept of Bulletproof coffee, the associated health benefits and give some tips about brewing it at home. CONTINUE READING

GROSCHE Honoured with B Corp’s Best for the World-Award

GROSCHE receives best for the world-award by B Corp

We are thrilled to be honoured with B Corp’s Best for the World-Award. You can find our name in the official ‘Best for the World’ list for 2016. We were specifically recognised for our work in the area of environmental sustainability, where we scored in the top 10 percent of more than 1,800 Certified B Corporations from 50 different countries. The complete assessment measures a company’s impact on its workers, community, customers and the environment. CONTINUE READING

Oolong tea health benefits: The truth About Weight Loss

Oolong tea health benefits

You may have seen many ads for “The best green tea weight loss system” or “Detox green tea weight loss”. There are so many of these claims for Oolong tea health benefits that they are hard to avoid, especially on the internet. But are they true or false? We have done the research on the topic and we’ll answer that for you here. CONTINUE READING

10 Matcha green tea facts + recipes

matcha green tea latte

Matcha green tea has exploded in popularity. People hear more and more about its health benefits and enjoy its mild and naturally nutty and sweet flavour. Whether you are a seasoned drinker or new to it, here are the top 10 Matcha green tea facts + some easy recipes. CONTINUE READING

How to use a stovetop espresso maker

How to use a stovetop espresso maker

So you want to learn how to use a stovetop espresso maker? Alright! A stovetop espresso maker, also known as an Italian coffee maker or a coffee percolator, is a great tool for making a rich dark coffee or a strong espresso. It’s also a budget-friendly alternative to espresso machines. CONTINUE READING

How to Make Coffee With a Pour Over Coffee Maker

Gooseneck kettle for pour over coffee

So you want to learn how to make pour over coffee? Cool. Brewing pour over coffee is not as simple as a click of a button; it takes practice to reach your preferred personalised taste but in the end it’s worth it. Read on to find out how to beat your local barista and make the perfect cup of coffee at home. CONTINUE READING

Herbal Tea Sangria Recipes

Herbal Tea Sangria Recipe

There’s no better summer drink than a fruity sangria concoction. It’s refreshing and perfect for those warm summer nights on your own patio. Instead of using sugary juices as a base, we recommend to use tea instead. Use any kind of herbal tea you’d like for our sangria herbal tea recipe; fruit or mint-flavoured are particularly refreshing. CONTINUE READING

7 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Quick guide to coffee makers

We all love a cup of freshly brewed coffee! But what do you do with the leftover coffee grounds? If you’re anything like us, you don’t like waste. And while we don’t recommend reusing the grounds for a 2nd brew, there are a lot of ways you can reuse coffee grounds around the house.  CONTINUE READING

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