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Self-Care According To Your Zodiac Sign

Figuring out what to do for yourself can be difficult, but self-care is necessary for our busy lives. As the seasons’ change, so should your self-care routine.  Your zodiac sign reflects you and what your needs might be. Find your zodiac sign below for our recommendations on how to revitalize your self-care routine.   What is […]

5 Reasons You Should Customize Your Kids Water Bottle

August means that summer is coming to an end and back-to-school time is nearly upon us. Not customizing your kids bottles yet? Check out this list on 5 reasons why you might be missing out. 

Stay Cool: 5 Summer Drinks You HAVE to Try

Summer 2022 is guaranteed to be a hot one, so we’ve compiled summer drink ideas for summer that you HAVE to try. Keep reading for recipes on delicious iced coffee, fantastic iced tea, refreshing infused water, tasty cold whipped coffee and mouthwatering watermelon sangria. #1 Refreshing Caramel Iced Coffee Looking for a caffeinated & cooling […]


5 Gifts Every Dad Wants for Fathers Day

Don’t relax yet! Father’s Day is just around the corner. Father’s day is celebrated on June 19th this year. It’s coming sooner than you think. We’ve put together a fantastic list of ideas on what to get your dad for father’s day to help you get the ball rolling. Now more than ever we know […]

Whipped Coffee in a Cup

The Whipped Coffee Recipe You Have To Try

The TikTok trend that took the world by storm, whipped coffee. It’s fluffy and frothy goodness is both aesthetically pleasing and wonderful tasting. The best part? With how simple the recipe is (just milk, coffee, sugar and hot water) you can make it from the comfort of your own home.Here is to saving money in […]


Top Coffee Accessories For Your Home Coffee Bar In 2021

Do you ever just look at your specialty Starbucks coffee and think “aah I wish I could have coffee like this all the time.” Well good news, you can! You just need the right coffee accessories. You can become your own barista and you’ll even save money in the long run doing it.Now there are […]