How to Make Coffee With a Pour Over Coffee Maker


So you want to learn how to make pour over coffee? Cool. Brewing pour over coffee is not as simple as a click of a button; it takes practice to reach your preferred personalised taste but in the end it’s worth it. Read on to find out how to beat your local barista and make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

A pour over coffee maker offers full control

By having control of the speed in which you pour the water, you are able to achieve a balanced, refined, and well-rounded drink with full flavor extraction.

Using a pour over coffee dripper allows you to customise the taste and provides you with the rich natural oils that a coffee machine cannot.

For this very reason, the pour over method is becoming an increasingly popular option for both home enthusiasts as well as coffee baristas. However, if you want the best tasting coffee, you’re going to need to practice to get the perfect taste.


Stainless steel pour over filters vs. paper filters

There are several different kinds of pour over coffee makers on the market used for home brewing and even in cafes – because they’re that good. Pour overs are in-between French presses and auto-drip machines.

Pour overs with a stainless steel filter produce more of French press taste whereas, paper filters are more like that of auto-drip machines. In general, pour over coffee makers produce a smooth tasting coffee whereas a French press makes a bold and rich flavor.


ULTRAMESH stainless steel coffee filter

One of our favourite pour over filters is the ULTRAMESH. This pour over is a stainless steel filter with a round base that sits atop most mugs and beakers.  What’s unique about this filter is that no paper filters are needed, eliminating the expense of paper filters and reducing waste associated with them.

GROSCHE ULTRAMESH | how to make pour over coffee

Paper filters absorb the natural oils and flavors of the coffee and rob it from the flavour and nutrients. With a stainless steel filter, however, none of the oils get trapped so full flavor extraction occurs.

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How to make pour over coffee

To get you started, we’ve created a step by step guide on how to make pour over coffee. The total brew time should be 2-3 minutes.  The faster you pour, the weaker the coffee, and the slower the stronger it will be. So read on and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Place your stainless steel filter into your beaker or onto your mug.

2. Measure 30 grams of coarse ground coffee for 20 oz. of water.

3. Heat water to just under boiling (92° C-96° C).

4. Slowly pour the water in a circular motion. Make sure to wet all the grounds and leave for 30 seconds, allowing it to “bloom”

5. Bit by bit, pour the remaining water over the grounds in a circular motion making your way from the outside to the middle.

6. Remove the filter and serve immediately.

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11 thoughts on “How to Make Coffee With a Pour Over Coffee Maker

  1. Gayle C says:

    Good article, thanks for sharing the information. I havent made pour over coffee yet but I saw it once at a coffee shop and I always wanted to try it myself. Now I feel like I can try it and make some really good coffee at home.

  2. coffee amateur says:

    good question – whats better to make and have? French press or pour over? for me pour over wins every time for simplicity, and ease of cleaning, and exceptionally smooth flavor with no grit. onc eyou have it and get to know how to make it there is no going back to drip or anything else.

  3. John W. says:

    Much easier to use than a french press to make coffee, especially as its so easy to clean. Dishwasher and youre done. And the coffee tastes great and the flavor is repeatable and consistent.

  4. SpeegeJof says:

    I like Pour over coffee and will try your method with the stainless steel coffee filter. it looks to more premium. good article about coffee, thanks for the ideas.

  5. Avia Gagarin says:

    Very nice blog article about making coffee with pouring methods – looks not so hard to make. I like your website and your clean water work also. Wish more business did liek this. clean Water for coffee is a very good idea.

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