GROSCHE was named the 2014 Cambridge Chair’s Award Winner by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. GROSCHE was originally nominated for the Business of the Year Award for 1-49 employees. Instead, we received the Chair’s Award for above and beyond contributions.


About the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Chair’s Award

The Chair’s Award recognises an outstanding organisation or individual who makes an exceptional effort which goes above and beyond the call of duty in an area of business and/ or community development. The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce announces the winner of the Chair’s Award as a surprise at the award ceremony.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce


GROSCHE honoured for their social responsability

GROSCHE was recognised by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce for admirable efforts for their Safe Water Project. Another deciding factor were the various the local efforts to volunteer at outreach programs within the community. Lastly, GROSCHE also works with Trees for the Future and partners with Carbon Fund for reducing their environmental foot print.

“We are humble and grateful for this recognition of our social enterprise efforts,” says Chief Sustainability Officer, Helmi Ansari.


“What began as a dream to design the best coffee and tea ware and simultaneously help change peoples lives, has today come to fruition. With over 150 unique products, the launch of our Safe Water Project and partnerships with Trees for the Future and Carbon Fund, as well as our international development work, we are seeing the fruits of a lot of hard work from our team. “


Up next: GROSCHE supports green energy with Bullfrog Power


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