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A Coffee, Tea & Hydration Company with Heart.

We started it in our basement in 2006 with visions of a social enterprise that could change the world. Today, GROSCHE has grown into a coffee, tea and hydration Certified B Corporation known for its premium quality products and giving back nature. Every product sold by GROSCHE funds our Safe Water Project, which helps communities in need by providing them with a sustainable source of safe drinking water.

Together with your help, we are making a difference.

Ways we are working to benefit society





Yes, we ran a banana plantation too.

We have always believed that the best way to help someone is to give them the skills to help themselves. That is why we started the GROSCHE Banana plantation in South Sudan. We built classrooms, found teachers, rented land, and established a plantation that grew to nearly 800 banana plants that benefitted the local people.

We funded the project, and set it up as a co-op for the people working there. Watch the video to learn more about it.


Were trying to change how busines is done

We believe that anyone who works 40 hours a week should not have to live below their local poverty line. So we pay and champion a living wage for all people.

Here our CEO is interviewed on CTV National news about the GROSCHE stand on living wage and being a fair employer.

We believe its the right thing to do for people, and the smart things to do for business as well.


Arguably B corps are the best run businesses in the world. And B Corp’s highest honor is being named to their  “Best for the World” list. We have been named to the B Corp 2016 and 2017 Best for the World awards recipient list, and are so grateful for their recognition.