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GROSCHE Coffee & Tea Accessories

For every purchase you make, we’re able to provide 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need. – THANK YOU.


French Press

Enjoy a full-flavoured cup of coffee or loose-leaf tea.


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Coffee Dripper

Make a perfect cup of barista-style coffee at home.


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New and featured products

Your GROSCHE purchase is life-changing. See how:

Meet Nagendra

Nagendra lives in Channe Katti Hadi, South India, with his wife and 11-year-old son. He fishes, hunts, and grows vegetables for food.

His GROSCHE Biosand filter will give him and his family safe water for 25–30 years.

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Meet Brothers Ajay & Vijay

The two brothers live in Bavalli Hadi, South India, with their parents who collect honey and trade it for food.

Their GROSCHE Biosand filter will provide their family with safe water for 25–30 years

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Meet Mrs. Jokumba

She lives with her now crippled husband and their 8 children in Yei, South Sudan. All of her children have suffered from Typhoid due to unsafe water.

With their GROSCHE Biosand filter they will now have safe water for 25–30 years.

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