We’re on a mission to help.

Our mission is to help those affected by the safe water crisis. We fund that work with the sale of our coffee and tea wares. We provide people with sustainable water purification means for their daily water needs. We also provide them with education on safe water use and sanitation. By doing this work in six countries we are having a global impact. All supported by you, our customers.

As you fill your cup with coffee or tea from a GROSCHE Product, you’re filling someone’s cup with safe water. Also, you’re enabling them to live healthy and productive lives. We know we can’t solve all the issues by ourselves, but with your help we’re doing what we can. Thank you for helping us do more.




International Impact on Safe Water

We started our safe water projects in 2010. Today we are working in six countries so far. South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, India, Pakistan, and The Philippines. To see an interactive map click here

We’re a local company with global impact.

our project in the philippines

We’ve met our promise and then some

50-101 days-landscape safe water created

We commit to funding at least 50 days of safe water for every GROSCHE product we sell. We’re happy to say so far we are well ahead of our target since we started. The safe water crisis is a serious issue. And we are doing what we can to make things better. 

How do Biosand filters work?


  1. Protective Lid
  2. Clean Water Outlet
  3. Diffuser Plate: Keeps Bio Layer from being disturbed when water is being added
  4. Bio Layer: Micro organisms eat incoming pathogens, treating the water
  5. Fine Sand: Filters solid particles, traps & kills viruses, bacteria, and worms.
  6. Support Gravel Layer
  7. Large Gravel Base Layer

Meet some of our safe water project beneficiaries

(click on a photo to open an album of safe water project photos in that region).

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