We’re changing lives one cup at a time.


Nearly 1 Billion people around the world don’t have safe water to drink. With your help we are working to change that. 


We provide people with sustainable water purification means for their daily water needs. This work is funded by the sales of our products. We also provide them with education on safe water and sanitation.


As you fill your cup with a GROSCHE product, you’re in turn filling someone’s cup with safe water. You’re also helping them live healthy and productive lives. We know we can’t solve all the issues by ourselves, but with your help we’re doing what we can. Thank you for helping us do more.





International Impact on Safe Water


You can pan and Zoom in on this interactive map to see our bio-sand filters installed in different places around the world.

We started our safe water projects in 2010. Today we are working in six countries so far. South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, India, Pakistan, and The Philippines.

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Days of
Safe Water

Funded so far with your support.

our project in the philippines

We’ve met our promise and then some

We commit to funding at least 50 days of safe water for every GROSCHE product we sell. We’re happy to say so far we are well ahead of our target since we started. The safe water crisis is a serious issue. And we are doing what we can to make things better. 

50-101 days-landscape safe water created

About biosand water filters

biosand filter in Philippines GROSCHE

We chose biosand water filters because

They are ideally suited to purify water in the most remote and poor areas that have unsafe water. These filters require little to no maintenance, and are made of cement, sand, gravel, and clay. They don’t need any electricity, chemicals, or replacement filter cartridges, and last up to 30 years. They are ideally suited for warm temperate climates and are made locally – creating employment and skill in the areas that need it most. 

Meet some of our safe water project beneficiaries

(click on a photo to open an album of safe water project photos in that region).

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