How to Make Coffee With a French Press in 5 easy steps


Learn how to make French press coffee perfectly in 5 easy steps from the pros! A French press coffee maker is one of the most popular ways around the world to make coffee. It’s fast, easy and tastes spectacular. Read on to find out how to make French press coffee at home.


Why does French Press coffee taste better?

The better taste of French press coffee is related to it’s brewing method: immersion brewing. A French press or cafetiere uses a stainless steel coffee filter screen and typically a glass carafe and metal or plastic housing. The advantage of immersion brewing is that it gives you a richer cup.



When coffee beans are roasted, they release coffee oils. These oils hold a lot of the body and richness. A French Press immerses these oils in your coffee. That gives bold and well rounded flavor.


As the coffee grinds are fully immersed in a French press, it allows a fuller flavor extraction from the coffee beans. 


What is the ideal water temperature for making a French press coffee?

The water temperature for brewing coffee in a French press is very important. The perfect brewing temperature for coffee is 190-195F, or around 95C. Never use boiling water to brew coffee as it can burn the coffee beans. You will notice a scorched and off-flavor, masking the natural flavours of the coffee beans. If you don’t have a thermometer, get water to a boil, and allow it to stand for approximately 1 minute before adding to your coffee for brewing. 


What kind of coffee grind should I use for French press coffee?



Always use course ground coffee to prevent grains from slipping by or plugging the stainless-steel filter. Fine ground coffee can plug up the screen and pose a safety hazard when pressing down the plunger. 


How to make French Press Coffee

Follow our 5 easy steps to make French press coffee, perfectly:


How to make French Press coffee


Step 1: Add coffee & Heat the water

Add coarse ground coffee beans to the French press. Separately, heat the water you will need to brew your coffee.  

Heat your water to around 195F / 95C. Boiling water at 212F / 100 C can scorch the coffee beans. So its best to use water about a minute off boil to get the true flavor from the coffee beans. Use freshly drawn water and not previously boiled water. Also using pure filtered water is always best. That is because hard water or mineral water can alter the flavor of coffee beans. Coffee brewed with boiling or hard water will be scorched and will lack the true flavors your coffee beans have to offer. 


Step 2. Add your hot water & stir the grindsfrench-press-makling-coffee-water-being-added-to-it-grosche-madrid-grosche-marrakesh

Pour the water, soaking beans in every corner of the French Press. Using coarse ground coffee ensures that the coffee grinds will not come through the french press stainless steel filter mesh. Also, evenly ground coffee beans mean even flavor extraction and consistent flavors from pot to pot. 

Give a gentle stir using a wooden or plastic spoon. As you do this break the crust of the coffee beans in the hot water. Always use a wooden spoon as even a gently tap in the right spot can lead to cracking and breaking of glass french press beakers. 



Step 3: Cover & Waitplacing-the-lid-back-on-a-french-press-grosche-madrid-1000x1000

Place the lid on the beaker. Leave the plunger in the “up” position, just enough to push the top of the floating coffee grounds into the water. Many French presses have a lid with a pour position, and a brew position. You can turn the lid to close the pour spout, and brew without losing heat. Then wait 3 to 4 minutes for the coffee to brew to your taste preference.



Step 4. Press the plunger down, slowly, & rest the coffee


Slowly and gently press the plunger down with some light pressure. Pressing too fast can cause hot water to spurt out of the spout or around the lid potentially causing injury, and it can also lead to fine grinds blowing by past the stainless steel filter resulting in gritty coffee. Push the plunger by using the weight of your hand at first, and take your time to slowly push the plunger down all the way. 

Allow the beans to rest for another 30 seconds to release their flavour. This also helps settle any fine grit that may have come from uneven grinding, and found its way pas the french press filter screen. 


Step 5. Pour and enjoy! grosche-madrid-pouring-coffee-into-a-double-walled-glass-cup

Pour your French press coffee into a cup, and enjoy.


Now that you have your French press coffee instructions, and you know how to make french press coffee, you can experiment with amount of coffee and brewing time. Remember to maintain a coarse grind size to get it just perfectly brewed for you. 


Also use your French press for loose-leaf tea

A French press is very versatile! You can also use it to make loose-leaf tea or to make cold brew coffee. The MADRID 4-in-1 Brewing System makes hot coffee, cold brew coffee, hot tea and iced tea.


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