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“This handsome (GROSCHE MELBOURNE) French press tops our gift list both for style and eco-sensibilities”

Dec. 2017


“The Frankfurt Pour Over Coffee Maker from Grosche International Inc. was the top-viewed item among all products in The Gourmet Retailer’s New Product Showcase for 2016”

 Feb. 2017

“Grosche’s mission involves having a positive contribution to local and global human quality of life challenges”

July 2017

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“The GROSCHE Madrid French Press may just be the best way to make coffee, including making cold brew coffee”

 Nov. 2017

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“The GROSCHE Heisenberg is our #1 pick Vacuum syphon coffee brewer”

Dec 2017


“The next-level GROSCHE Ultramesh coffee dripper”

 June 2015


“Ansari is calling on companies across Canada to embrace the living wage, which is the hourly wage workers need to lift their families above the poverty level”

April 2017

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“Grosche is among the businesses that already pay its workers a higher-than-minimum wage, in the belief that the benefits far outweigh the costs.”

 May 2017

“This small business owner says an increased minimum wage is good for business.”

May 2017

“Grosche International, a tea and coffeeware distributor in Cambridge has been paying employees more than the minimum wage for years.

 July 2017


“Grosche co-founders Helmi Ansari and Mehreen Sait already pay their workers a living wage and believe the proposed measures will benefit both society at large and the business community..”

June 2017


“When an employee is engaged in a role and they know it’s a stable environment, they’re thinking about the long-term, and that usually leads to higher productivity, less turnover and a better work environment”.

 Oct. 2017


“A good job provides the opportunity to be involved and engaged in making a difference in helping achieve their mission”

April 2016

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“What began as a small idea a few years ago has quickly expanded past the Canadian borders, and is becoming an international success.”

 Oct. 2013


At Grosche, success and doing good go hand in hand

April 2015


“Being good is good for business”

Apr. 2017


“Grosche is a truly revolutionary company that has well earned its merits in being named to the B Corp 2016-2017 Best for the World awards recipient list.”

May 2017