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Read about our Social Responsibility efforts from our Safe Water Project to our Living Wage commitment, helping out in the community and more!

GROSCHE Honoured with B Corp’s Best for the World-Award

GROSCHE receives best for the world-award by B Corp We are thrilled to be honoured with B Corp’s Best for the World-Award. You can find our name in the official ‘Best for the World’ list for 2016. We were specifically recognized for our work in the area of environmental sustainability, where we scored in the top 10 percent of more than 1,800 Certified B Corporations from 50 different countries. The complete assessment measures a company’s impact on its workers, community, customers and the environment. CONTINUE READING

Grosche Proud to Open Guelph’s First Living Wage Retail Store

GROSCHE Guelph store first living wage retail store On March 1, we opened our very first retail boutique in Guelph, ON. We are super happy to have a first store. But moreover, we are proud to be Guelph’s first certified living wage retail store. To welcome us, Mayor Cam Guthrie came by to inaugurate the opening with a ribbon cutting. CONTINUE READING

Grosche Volunteers at House of Friendship

GROSCHE volunteers at House of Friendship At GROSCHE, we recognize the importance of volunteering in our local community. We try to give a hand where and when we can. Yesterday, we volunteered at the House of Friendship and spent half the day packing Christmas hampers for those in need within Kitchener and Waterloo Region. CONTINUE READING

GROSCHE supports green energy with Bullfrog Power

GROSCHE green energy At GROSCHE, we recognize the importance of managing our environmental impact. We are happy to announce that we’re taking a big step to reduce the carbon emissions footprint of our business. We recently made the switch to 100% clean green energy for our company. Moreover, we also support the development of new green energy projects across Canada with Bullfrog Power. CONTINUE READING

Local Employers Commit To Paying A Living Wage

Living wage employer GROSCHE is proud to be one of eleven Guelph and Wellington-based employers that have been recognized as a living wage employer. They have made a commitment to pay over 1150 of their employees at least a living wage.  CONTINUE READING

GROSCHE Named Cambridge Chair’s Award Winner

GROSCHE was named the 2014 Cambridge Chair’s Award Winner by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. GROSCHE was originally nominated for the Business of the Year Award for 1-49 employees. Instead, we received the Chair’s Award for above and beyond contributions. CONTINUE READING

5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Reusable Water Bottle

GROSCHE MARINO Reusable water bottle and tea infuser Owning a reusable water bottle or a travel infuser is a great idea, especially for the summer. Plastic, non-reusable water bottles are not only bad for the environment and can affect your health, you will also spend much less money with a reusable water bottle. CONTINUE READING

8 reasons why you really should recycle

8 Reasons to recycle   Here at GROSCHE, we recycle. And recycling is very important to us. We believe that everyone should be sorting their garbage and recycling their waste into the appropriate bins for pick up. From our compost bin to our recycling bin, we give you 8 reasons to recycle.   What is recycling? A recyclable product is turned back into a raw form that can be used to create a new and different product. This way, we use fewer natural resources to produce new things and reduce additional waste that will harm the planet.   The Three R’s of Sustainability – Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Recycling is part of the greater process of sustainable living with the credo of reduce, reuse & recycle. Reduce the amount of trash you create Reuse materials or buy products made from reused materials Recycle as much as you can   Reduce the amount of trash you create The best way to help the environment is to cut down on the amount of non-recyclable materials you throw out. Bring your own reusable tote or cloth bag to go shopping Buy things in bulk to try to reduce the amount of packaging Have paper statements e-mailed to you instead Buy products that are packaged in cardboard instead of plastic Try to avoid disposable items such as paper plates, cups, and utensils.   Compost your kitchen scraps Set aside your fruit peals and pits along with other organic food waste into a compost pile. Even coffee grounds and loose-leaf tea are compostable, in fact coffee makes for a great fertilizer. Over time your kitchen scraps will decompose and turn into mulch that you can use for gardening.   Buy products made from recycled materials More and more products are made from recycled materials. You can find things like paper […] CONTINUE READING

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Hi! Im Helmi and this is my wife Mehreen. GROSCHE is our dream - a humble housewares company with heart. We started it in our laundry room in 2006 with visions of a social enterprise that could change the world. Thanks to you and thousands of other GROSCHE customers, the dream is alive! Every product we sell funds social causes. It makes our hearts sing and communities in need smile. Together with you, we are changing the world for the better. Its a beautiful thing.

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