To Our Groschees,

Here at Grosche, we always put the safety of our customers and employees first. As a small business, we also want to be there to support our community, which is why we will continue to be there for you at

Each day that the COVID 19 pandemic continues it becomes clearer that everyone must do their part in order to mitigate the spread of this global disease. You, and the choices you make are the difference. And the best choice is to limit exposure to others by staying home.

We thank all those doing their part and all those working on the front lines of this battle from the bottom of our heart. We thank you for your sacrifice and your efforts. As a company, our mission is based on supporting others and in regard to COVID 19, we strongly believe we will get through this unprecedented time. Together.

Grosche will be taking extreme precaution and have set up various measures so that we can continue to support your coffee & tea needs during your time at home. Among other things, here are some of the measures you can expect from us during these challenging times.

Fast Shipping

Our carriers have ensured us that they have taken precaution and will continue to carry out shipments. We will do our best to ensure minimal delays in shipping.

We are also offering free shipping to orders that are $75 or more.

Rigorous Hand-Washing & Sanitizing Protocols

Grosche has always placed safety and cleanliness first in our warehouse, but we understand the importance of taking every measure you can to mitigate community spread. Which is why we have enforced stricter sanitizing protocols for our warehouse and products.

The moment a product is picked for delivery it goes through multiple stages of sanitation before being given off to our carriers.

Our warehouse is wiped down and disinfected numerous times through the day, including every night and every morning. Our employees also follow daily hand-washing protocol.

Continuation of our Safe Water Project

Our business is built around our Safe Water Project initiative. For every purchase, Grosche funds 50+ days of safe drinking water to families in need.

Despite COVID 19 and the financial implications this disease has had on not only us, but businesses across the globe, we will continue to run our Safe Water initiative and give to those in need.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will adjust our protocols and business accordingly, and follow the advice of the federal and provincial governments.

With Grosche, every purchase will help change a life. And by making that purchase from home, you will also contribute to saving lives.