No matter which way you look at plastic water bottles, they’re proven to be bad.When they’re manufactured, single-use plastic bottles pollute our atmosphere with dangerous forms of carbon. When they’re burned, they release toxins into the environment. And even when you decide to recycle them, plastic takes almost 1,000 years to completely biodegrade.And in a time when climate change is getting worse, every bottle matters. Which is why companies like social media giant, Facebook are banning single-use plastic water bottles from their headquarters.They’re taking a stand while also setting a trend and here are four reasons why your business should do the same.

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A Plastic Water Bottle Ban Will Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Think about how many single-use plastic water bottles end up in your company’s garbage bins every week.You may have recycling bins throughout your building, but in reality, only about 70% of plastic bottles end up being properly recycled. The remaining 30% ends up in landfills and our oceans.By implementing a plastic water bottle ban, your business can drastically cut down your yearly plastic waste and help clean our oceans. A ban will also limit the amount of greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere.

It Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

According to Business Insider, Millennials and Gen-Z numbers have long surpassed Baby Boomers, with Gen Z projected to soon become the largest US consumer population.And what these demographic cohorts care about the most is climate change. They care so much that it’s become a major deciding factor in purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.This means that a plastic water bottle ban can potentially put your brand on top. Having a ban that has a positive effect on our oceans and climate change will persuade consumers to not only pick your product or service, but to also refer it to family and friends.

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A Plastic Water Bottle Ban Can Save Your Business Money

Supplying your office with plastic bottled water every month is not only bad for the environment but it’s also bad for your company card.Bottled water can cost between 400 to 2,000 times more than tap water. And if tap water doesn’t appeal to you, plastic bottles are still plenty more expensive than purchasing a few Brita pitchers or installing one or two filtered water stations throughout the office.By providing filtered water and eliminating that monthly expense on buying bottled water, you can save more money year round. This extra cash can then be put toward more fulfilling employee initiatives, like hosting team events or supplying employees with co-branded gifts.This change will save your business money and can make your employees feel more appreciated.

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You Can Be An Industry Leader

The Canadian government has pledged to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021. Many states across the United States are also discussing a potential ban. So why not jump ahead of the curve?If you choose to implement a plastic water bottle ban now, your company will be more prepared for a national single-use plastic ban in the near future. You’ll also potentially be recognized as one of the leaders of the plastic free movement.Your business can inspire and encourage many others to follow suit in a plastic free culture.

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gift your employees co-branded reusable water bottles

A rewarding way to get your employees prepared for a plastic water bottle ban is to gift them with a co-branded reusable bottle like the OASIS.This gives your employees an solution to no longer being able to use single-use plastic water bottles. It also gives you the opportunity to promote your business.

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