Our Statement on Black Lives Matter & Racism

We must no longer be silent. To the Black community, we hear you, we stand with you and we will do more.

As a B Corp, we have always been committed and active in fighting environmental & social injustices like climate change, lack of safe water for all, and stagnant minimum wages. But we must do more.

We’re heartbroken over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all of those in the Black community whose injustice has gone unseen. In reality, we are not all viewed as equal. Systemic racism still exists today and everyone, including GROSCHE must use their voice and take a bigger stand against it.

Over the past several days our team has taken the time to educate ourselves on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement and the injustices that people of color have been facing their whole lives. We want to help make a difference, and we don’t want to just talk about it. We want to be a part of it. Moving forward we will raise our voices louder and act to do our part in actively standing up against racism.

To start, we are donating to the University of Guelph Central Student Association (CSA) student union who are working to make sure Black U. of Guelph students feel heard and supported. We are also looking into more ways we can give and participate within the community.

Moving forward, we promise to use our platforms as a resource against all forms of social and environmental injustice. We will raise our voices on the BLM and racial inequality issues we face. We will share stories of people, brands, and organizations that are making change happen.

Read below to learn more about the BLM movement and how you can get involved.

We will not be silent.

black lives matter movement grosche stands against racism

What Is Black Lives Matter (BLM)?

#BlackLivesMatter is a movement and a rallying cry founded in 2013 in response to the injustice that Black communities have been facing for decades, and still today.

The group first started out as a small chapter-based organization that focused on building local power. But According to their website, over the years Black Lives Matter Foundation has turned into a “global organization in the US, UK and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes”.

Black Lives Matter movement creates a space for all to educate themselves and join the fight against the systemic racism seen in today’s society.

You can learn more about the organization here.

How You Can Get Involved

We now understand that to be silent is to be complicit with the way things are. Racism is still seen every day and real life, and it will take all of us to get rid of it. Here are some ways you can help make change happen.

Raise Your Voice

Your voice carries so much power. Whether it’s posting on your social platforms, sharing stories, having tough conversations with family, friends and children, or joining a peaceful protest. It all matters and it all will help create change in society.

You can use your voice to help educate others and to continue educating yourself. You can use your voice to make a difference.

Sign Petitions

There are countless petitions out there, a great majority on change.org, that stand up against injustices that are made every day. Signing a petition to incite change only takes a few minutes, but it goes a long way.


If you want true permanent change you need political leaders and public figures who will implement policies and legislation that will end racist violence. And the best way to get those kind of leaders is to vote.

One vote can be the difference between building equality for all or doing nothing at all.

Donate to Organizations

We understand that not everyone can donate, but if you can, every donation does add up to make a difference.

Just think, there are roughly 7.5 billion people in the world. So, even if just 1/8th of the world’s population donated $1 that would raise $937,500,000 toward a good cause and organizations that can pave the way to eliminate racism.

Fraud can scare some people from donating. So, we’ve listed a few legitimate resources below.


National Bail Out Network

Black and Brown Founders



Black Lives Matter Toronto

Black Lives Matter Vancouver


We can no longer be silent.