Yes we still need to focus on fighting the coronavirus outbreak but Mother’s Day is coming up! And stressful times like these call for an extra special gift for the woman who holds the house together and does it all.

Coming up with gift ideas for one of the greatest women in your life can be tough on it’s own, let alone during a national quarantine. But even though stores are closed and we have to stay at home, we still have online shopping to help us out!

Self-isolating and being cooped up at home can be stressful, boring and sometimes even suffocating. So, we’ve listed some creative gift ideas that will brighten your mother’s mood on her special day and make quarantine a little more fun.

Potted Plants

Quaratine Mother's Day Gifts Potted Plants

It’s spring time which means mom probably wants to liven up the house.

Indoor potted plants like succulents and orchids are the best option for any mom interested in freshening up their home because these plants require minimal maintenance.

Glass Teapot

borosilicate glass teapot with infuser, infusion teapot with stainless steel infuser, classy glass tea maker, infusion glass teapot for loose leaf tea, GROSCHE joliette

If your mom is like mine, she loves her tea. It’s her go-to concoction for both starting her day and relaxing at night, even more so during times like these.

And the most luxurious gift for any tea lover is a new glass teapot. Borosilicate glass teapots are not only beautiful, they’re also convenient for steeping your tea and sharing with the whole family.

Spa Day Kit

Quarantine Mother's Day Gifts

Moms do it all, which is why every mom out there deserves their own special spa day. A time where they can take a break, relax and focus on some self-care.

Luckily you don’t always need to leave the house for a spa day! There are many spa kits available online that include the whole nine yards. Face masks and bath bombs, to oils and manicure sets. You can put together the perfect kit for mom.

Stovetop Espresso Maker

milano stovetop espresso maker coffee maker

For the mom who’s fueled with espresso and always starts her day with a trip to her favorite cafe, give an accessory that will eliminate any unnecessary trips out of the house and satisfy her caffeine craving.

A gorgeous stovetop espresso maker, like the MILANO will ultimately save your mom money (no more Starbucks trips needed) and will brew rich-tasting espresso in minutes. It’ll also make a nice décor piece to her kitchen.

At-Home Workout Equipment

Quarantine Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There is no better time to buy someone at-home workout equipment than now! With everyone cooped up in their homes, we need some type of energy/stress release. And most people are looking to at-home workouts and online fitness programs.

Whether it’s a yoga mat, running shoes, dumbbells or resistance bands, now is a great time to get your mom the at-home exercise equipment she’s always wanted to have.

New Books

Quarantine Mother's Day Gift Ideas Tea

Stressful times like these call for plenty of self-care. And what better way to relax and forget the world than to get lost in a book.

Help push your mom’s worries aside and encourage a couple nights off with a new adventure, fierce romance or piercing thriller.

Infusion Travel Flask


Help busy moms’ drinks stay piping hot or chilled throughout the day with a trendy double-walled insulated travel flask.

These multi-functional bottles will keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, which is useful for time spent exercising, going on walks or working from home.

The Chicago in particular, also comes with an extra-long removable infuser so you can infuse your water with fruit, tea bags or loose-leaf tea.


Quarantine Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Staying inside can get boring, so it’s time to get mom excited about it with a new pair of cozy slippers.

Many moms differ in what types of slippers they prefer. There are booties, slip-ons, ballet-style, knitted or loafers.  But we can all agree, that they’ll wear them 24/7 if they can.

Bath Tub Caddy

Quarantine Mother's Day

This is a new favorite among bath-lovers and a gift your mom is sure to enjoy. After long days of holding down the house, this gift provides ultimate relaxation.

A bathtub caddy is the perfect self-care gift, which allows you to fully relax in the tub with your favorite book, a tablet playing Netflix, a glass of wine and perhaps a couple candles even.

Cocktail Kit

Quarantine Mother's Day Gifts

It’s quarantini time! Who said social distancing can’t be fun?! Find out your mom’s signature drink and supply a fun night in with her own cocktail kit.

You can either order a pre-made kit online or gather your cocktail ingredients during the next grocery haul. You can even take this gift to the next level with a new set of fun cocktail glasses, like the FRESNO Glasses and coordinating a zoom session with family or friends.

All of us at GROSCHE hope that you are staying safe and staying healthy.

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, it has become clear that the only way to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease is to self-isolate. So we encourage you to please stay home.

We understand that self-isolation can sometimes become lonely, so we want you to know that we are always there for you. Feel free to send us a message if you want to talk coffee or tea, or if you just want to chat.

We will get through this together.