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Top Products for Cafe Worthy Home Office Coffee & Tea

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Working from a home office definitely has its perks, but missing out on the office’s communal tea or high-end espresso machine is not one of them. Which is why it’s time to boost our home office coffee and tea.

We have to take our coffee and tea habits to our homes, which can be exciting for those into home office design. However, it’s also expensive. Not everyone can afford a top dollar Keurig especially during these times.

So, we’ve listed for you some of the top budget-friendly yet high-quality products to upgrade your home office brew. These items will liven up your work space and have you looking forward to your early morning, café-worthy coffee and tea.

premium french press coffee maker with chrome details, durable chrome frame and borosilicate glass beaker, tea and coffee press, GROSCHE Madrid 1500ml

1. MADRID French Press

Get a deep, rich flavour that you’ll love from the MADRID French Press. It has a high-quality art deco design and heatproof borosilicate glass beaker.

The MADRID also features a dual filter system making it a great paper and plastic waste free option for coffee and tea lovers.

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GROSCHE aberdeen easy tea steeper black for loose leaf tea

2. ABERDEEN Smart Tea Maker

The ultimate teapot that lets you steep your tea from the comfort of your own desk. The best part about the ABERDEEN Smart Tea Maker is that it is mess free.

Just place your ABERDEEN over top of your mug and it has an easy pour system that filters loose leaf tea itself.

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milano stainless steel moka pot stovetop espresso maker manual coffee brewer for espresso at home

3. MILANO Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker

Moka coffee, espresso lovers? Let’s talk. Ditch your daily trip to Starbucks and get your espresso fix and invest in the MILANO Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker.

This premium moka pot brews a smooth cup of espresso in a matter of minutes on any stovetop type.

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GROSCHE CAFE AU LAIT French Press Coffee Maker and Milk Frother Set in Red

4. EZ Latte Milk Frother

If you’re like me, you prefer a well frothed and flavoured latte over a regular cup of coffee. Well the EZ Latte Milk Frother is a budget-friendly way to make these delicious coffee drinks at home.

Its battery powered and will easily whip up your next cappuccino or pumpkin spiced latte.

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5. AMSTERDAM Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee just hits different and the AMSTERDAM is the best pour over coffee maker for working from home. It’s got a removable glass top, double layer stainless steel filter, and a handsome carafe.

This coffee maker is easy to use and holds all of the essential oils needed to brew a rich, flavourful cup.

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blooming tea jasmine grosche canister 12 tea balls

6. Blooming Tea Packs

The prettiest tea of all. GROSCHE Blooming Tea balls are made with green tea and edible flowers that bloom as it steeps.

The best part? After steeping, each tea ball can be reused up to 3 times. Just re-add boiling water and you’re prepped for your morning, afternoon and evening cup!

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Tips to Get the Perfect Tea or Coffee Brew at Home


Use freshly ground coffee

The difference between fresh grinds or pre-ground coffee can either make or break the taste. Coffee goes stale quite quickly when it’s exposed to light and oxygen. We suggest buying whole bean coffee and grinding it right before you’re about to brew.

Use proper ratios

One key factor to remember when brewing coffee is the ratio. For a real boost to your morning, try a 2:6 coffee to water ratio (that’s 2 tbsp for 6 fl oz/170 mL). This is the general ratio for a strong coffee.

However, if this isn’t strong enough to your liking, you can up the ratio to 2.5:6. On the other hand, if 2:6 is too strong for you, try 1.5:6 and gradually work your way up.

Use the best water option

Use the best water you can. Do not use tap water. You will notice an unpleasant taste in your cup if you do. Try to avoid any kind of water with minerals in it if you can.


Use loose leaf tea

Tea leaves need room to expand for full flavour extraction while steeping. Tea bags have limited space and prevent this from happening. According to new research, tea bags also contain billions of microplastics and particles that leak into your cup.

Loose leaf tea is not only tastier, it’s still easy to brew with a small infuser and infuser teapot.

Don’t use distilled water

Tea experts will tell you how your source of water is critical for making tea. Spring water or filtered tap water are best for making tea.

Mineral-free and distilled water tend to produce a dull and flat tasting tea, while mineral water contains too many minerals that can alter the taste when in contact with compounds in the leaves.

Cover your cup with something while steeping

If you’re letting your tea steep in your mug, find a small plate or container to cover the top. Covering your tea ensures that the heat and oils from the tea leaves stay in your cup.