If you’re like me, you usually run out and grab your iced coffee from a café. It’s a rejuvenating mix of caffeine, sugar syrup and a little bit of cream that you cannot go without. Which is why I think it’s time we say goodbye to the cafés and enjoy iced coffee at home. It’s time to become your own barista and learn how to brew the best homemade iced coffee.There are many ways to brew homemade iced coffee, which does indeed differ from cold brew coffee. You can chill regular drip coffee, use an aeropress, refrigerate coffee overnight, brew French press iced coffee, or even use a moka pot. And some of these methods are better than others.But according to coffee experts and multiple surveys, the best tasting homemade iced coffee is Japanese iced coffee, made using the Japanese pour over method. And we’re going to teach it to you!

Japanese Pour Oved Iced Coffee Homemade Iced Coffee

Japanese Pour Over Iced Coffee

Japanese style iced coffee is one of the simplest types of iced coffee to make, yet it’s also the best for flavourful and aromatic results.Homemade iced coffee using the Japanese pour over method is simply coffee brewed with hot water directly over ice. Yes, it’s that easy!Many cold brew methods require using cold water and waiting hours for the grounds to steep, but brewing coffee with hot water rapidly filters the flavors and aromatics from the coffee grounds, which means your homemade Japanese iced coffee will be done in minutes.

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With the Japanese pour over method the hot brewed coffee will drip onto ice and cause it to cool. According to coffee enthusiasts, the cooling locks in that full range of rich flavours that was pulled with the hot water. Meaning with the Japanese style method, the results are not only fast, but also rich and delicious.

How to Brew Japanese Style Homemade Iced Coffee

So, now that you know just how convenient and tasty this method of brewing iced coffee is, it’s time to learn the iced coffee recipe and directions on how to brew Japanese pour over homemade iced coffee.Ingredients:

  • 8 oz. ice
  • 1 oz. medium coarsely ground coffee
  • 8 oz. almost boiling water
  • Milk, cream, almond milk, simple syrup (your choice)

Equipment Needed:


  1. Set your carafe on a scale and set it to zero. Then add 8 ounces of ice (1 or 1 1/2 cups of ice)
  2. Place the dripper vessel or cone on top. Line it with your stainless steel fine mesh or paper filter and add 1 ounce of medium coarsely ground coffee
  3. Slowly pour in the hot water, just enough to cover the grounds. Let this soak for 30 seconds then continue to slowly pour the remaining amount of water in a circular motion
  4. Wait while the hot coffee drains into the bottom vessel and drips directly onto the ice
  5. When the drip is complete, remove the dripper vessel and use the bottom carafe to serve
  6. Pour your homemade iced coffee on ice and add cream, milk, almond milk or any flavoured syrup of your choice

Tips for Brewing Homemade Japanese Iced Coffee

Do not immediately soak the groundsDon’t pour in your hot water all at once. Pour just enough into the ground to wet them and then let that sit for at least 30 seconds. This process is called blooming and helps release some aromas that come through in the final brew. After 30 seconds continue to slowly pour in the water.

Japanese Pour Oved Iced Coffee Homemade Iced Coffee

Use freshly ground coffeeThe difference between fresh grinds or pre-ground coffee can either make or break the taste. Coffee goes stale quite quickly when it’s exposed to light and oxygen.The best advice is to choose high-quality coffee beans and grind them to medium coarseness right before the brew. Doing so will make the best pour over coffee. As always, we suggest using a good quality burr grinder like the BREMEN. This will ensure a consistent grind and even extraction, and will give you the best tasting Japanese iced coffee.Use Large Ice Cubes to Decrease DilutionThe bigger the ice cubes the longer they’ll take to fully melt. If your ice cubes are too small, they’ll melt before all of the hot coffee drips through.

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