There is no doubt that coffee is the most popular energy drink for picking you up in the morning and getting you through the longest of days. But for those who are looking for a healthier morning ritual, and want something that’s less acidic, high caffeine tea is the perfect alternative.

The caffeine content in teas depends on a few factors, including the tea plant itself, growing conditions, storage conditions and brewing techniques. And with all the right conditions, you can find a delicious tea that gives you the same energy boost you would get from drinking a cup of coffee.

So, where can you find these high caffeine teas that we speak of?! Easy, instead of sending you off across the internet, we’re going to list and link the most popular high caffeine teas for you.

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Why Choose High Caffeine Tea Over Coffee?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of choosing high caffeine teas over coffee for those of you who are still wondering “why would I ever leave coffee?!”

The biggest plus to drinking a caffeinated tea every morning instead of coffee is that tea comes with a variety of great health benefits. Depending on the tea, daily consumption has shown to boost the immune system, decrease risk of cancers and heart disease and improve digestion. So, with tea you’re getting that boost of energy you need while also improving your overall health.

Other benefits to choosing tea over coffee include:

Less Jitters

Instead of experiencing a short term jittery caffeine buzz, tea will give you an energy boost that last throughout the day. Majority of teas also contain an amino acid called L-theanine that contributes to calmness.

According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, together caffeine and L-theanine may reduce headaches, fatigue and increase alertness and faster reactions more than caffeine alone.

Variety of Flavours

Unlike coffee, you’re not limited to a bitter taste. There are a variety of types of teas out there that range in caffeine levels and flavour, including herbal teas, rooibos teas, oolong tea, dessert tasting teas and more.

Promotes Weight Loss

Many teas contain catechins, which is a type of flavonoid that helps boost metabolism and break down fats faster.

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Tea Bags or Loose Leaf Tea? Which Has More Health Benefits?

Tea bags may be better for convenience, but loose leaf teas are usually higher quality and will give you an energy boost more effectively. This is due to the fact that loose leaf teas contain entire tea leaves, meanwhile tea bags usually contain pieces of tea leaves, combined with dust and fannings. A recent study also showed that tea bags can contain millions of tiny microplastics.

We recommend always sticking to loose leaf tea. And if you’re someone who’s usually out and about, you can find a selection of high-quality insulated tea infuser bottles here that let you steep on the go.

6 Popular High Caffeine Teas That You Should Try

1. Samurai Green Matcha TeaSamurai matcha green tea powder | Grosche

A high-quality powdered green tea with energizing qualities, and peeking notes of sweetness. This Samurai Green Matcha Tea is packed with L-Theanine, which will promote production of alpha waves in the brain, thereby inducing relaxation without drowsiness.

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2. English Breakfast Black TeaEnglish breakfast tea loose leaf black tea

A caffeinated tea that the British love for afternoon tea and cakes. This luxury black tea is a distinguished well bodied Pekoe, full of flavour. It will supply you with a daily dose of caffeine, as well as flavonoids that with regular consumption can contribute to a healthy heart.

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3. Energy Booster Blend TeaGROSCHE Natural Energy Boosters Blend | Loose-Leaf Tea

A top wellness tea that has all the ingredients to enhance a natural energy boost. Full of yerba mate and accented with robust lemon and spearmint notes, this boosting blend will be your daily savior. Whether you need a burst of energy to get you through the work day, or before you go to the gym, this energy booster blend wellness tea will get the job done.

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4. Assam Organic Black TeaGROSCHE-organic Assam black tea-fairtrade

Due to its high caffeine content and rich, dark malty flavour, this Assam black tea is a morning favourite. It has a full bodied reddish-golden infusion and due to its rich flavour it tastes perfect with a splash of milk, sugar or honey. This Assam is also a Fairtrade Certified tea that empowers small-scale farmers.

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5. Japanese Sencha Green Teaorganic sencha tea Japan GROSCHE

A classic Japanese-style green tea with a superb light colour, rich notes of mellow grass and hints of honey and caffeine that make this perfect for daily enjoyment. This tea’s deep natural full leaves give you the energy you need faster than any green tea from a tea bag.

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6. Pick Me Up Wellness TeaGROSCHE Pick Me Up Wellness Tea

Everything you need to beat any sickness coming on and feel like your best energetic self. This wellness tea is an aromatic and robust blend of herbs, fruit and spices formulating a rejuvenating, immune-boosting super tea. This cup is just what you need when you wake up feeling sluggish and fatigued.

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