GROSCHE is proud to be one of eleven Guelph and Wellington-based employers that have been recognized as a living wage employer. They have made a commitment to pay over 1150 of their employees at least a living wage. 


What is the living wage?

A living wage is not the same as the minimum wage. The minimum wage is the legal minimum all employers in Canada must pay. The living wage on the other hand, is an estimate of what two full-time working parents need to earn per hour to raise two children. The goal of the living wage program is to get families out of severe financial stress. The living wage does this by lifting them out of poverty and providing a basic level of economic security. The hourly living wage for Guelph and Wellington is $16.50. The Poverty Task Force is leading the local living wage conversation in our area. 

The living wage is an estimate of what a familiy needs to:

  • Meet basic living expenses
  • Support the healthy development of their children
  • Fully participate in work, family life and community activities


What is the living wage employer recognition program?

“Our 2015 living wage employer recognition program is part of a growing national trend that acknowledges that the minimum wage is not enough to raise a family,” commented The Guelph & Wellington Poverty Task Force coordinator, Randalin Ellery. “Across the country, communities are understanding that a successful economy and society depend on everyone in the workforce having the opportunity to earn a salary that allows them to provide for their family and be an active participant in the local economy.” The Guelph & Wellington Poverty Task Force recognizes four levels of commitment to the living wage program:


  1. Supporters: All full-time employees earn at least a Living Wage. Committed to begin raising all part-time employees to a Living Wage.
  2. Partners: All full-time and part-time employees earn at least a Living Wage. Committed to begin raising all direct contract employees to a Living Wage.
  3. Leaders: All full-time and part-time employees, including direct contract employees earn at least a Living Wage. Committed to encouraging all third party contracts to pay at least a Living Wage.
  4. Champions: All full-time and part-time employees, including direct contract employees earn at least a Living Wage. All third party contracts pay at least a Living Wage. Committed to championing the Living Wage within our sector/industry and within the community.

GROSCHE is proud to be one of six living wage champions.


What paying a living wage means for GROSCHE

“Paying a living wage is not only the right thing to do for our community, but also good for business. Overall, it promotes better living in the community. It also ensures that our employees are all able to afford the basics for a healthy lifestyle,” commented Helmi Ansari, Chief Sustainability Officer at GROSCHE. “Our employees do not have to worry about putting food on the table and managing basic home expenses. Moreover, it enables our staff to fully focus on their work. By ensuring all staff is able to meet a minimum standard of living, it improves organizational health and culture. As a social enterprise and a certified B Corp, it only makes sense for us to also be a Living Wage Champion.”

Living Wage- 1


11 employers recognized as living wage employers

In total, the Poverty Task Force recognized eleven employers as living wage employers at a local breakfast event. 

  1. Barking Dog Studios
  2. Downtown Guelph Business Association
  3. GROSCHE International Inc.
  4. Guelph Community Health Centre
  5. Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition
  6. Ontario Co-operative Association
  7. Pearl Street Communications
  8. RLB LPP
  9. United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin
  10. Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington


Poverty Task Force

The Poverty Task Force is encouraging all employers to review their salary grids and wherever possible, ensure that staff are earning a living wage or more. Do you run a company? Are you interested in committing to a living wage? Then connect with the Poverty Task Force!

Randalin Ellery

800.265.7293 x 4359


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