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What’s the best coffee grinder?

What's the best hand coffee grinder

So you bought amazing coffee beans and want to know what’s the best coffee grinder? While electric grinders are of course ok to use, the best way to make your coffee is to hand grind just the amount that you need at that point. This way your coffee will be as fresh as possible and you’ll get the best flavour out of your favourite beans.


What’s a burr grinder?

Let’s start with the basics…Burr grinders are the kind of grinders you’d find in the far back corner of your grandmother’s attic. These grinders have been around for many years and continue to be the “go-to” method for coffee lovers.

Typical burr grinders are made up of two flat revolving abrasive “burrs”. The beans are placed between the burrs to be crushed and pressed. As the surfaces meet, the structure of the grinder forces the beans into the narrow spaces creating coarse to fine grinds, depending on the setting you choose. 

What's the best coffee grinder


What’s a blade grinder?

Blade grinders may be the cheaper route, but they don’t have the same “grind” effect as that of a burr. The sharp blades on these grinders recklessly chop the beans into pieces without any consistency. This method is not effective as the high speeds cause inconsistently sized grinds. If you do have a blade grinder, grind your beans in intervals. This will help produce a more consistent grind.


What’s the best coffee grinder?

Definitely the burr grinder. The design of burr grinders allows complete control over the grinding process. This is important as consistency and uniform size is easier to create compared to that of a blade grinder. Not only will the full bean extraction accomplish a rich and fresh flavor, but it will also help avoid any clogging problems with your press or dripper.


Our most popular coffee grinder

The BREMEN conical burr grinder is a small and compact hand grinder. The gap adjustment allows you to go from coarse grind to fine grind. It has a 100g capacity and let’s you store your freshly ground coffee in the airtight glass canister (lid included).


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  1. Provash Ganguli says:

    There is an omission in your instructions for making coffee with a French Press, “one minute after pouring in the hot water, stir and cover the glass container but keep the filter up, push down the plunger after ANOTHER THREE MINUTES and pour off the coffee into a cup/mug.”

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