Glass teapots are the teapots of choice when looking for sophistication, elegance, and a beautiful centerpiece. That is when they are properly cleaned and cared for. So to help, we’ve gone ahead and created a cheat sheet to keep your teapot looking pristine.


How to clean your glass teapot in 5 easy steps

  1. Immediately after use, empty remaining tea and give the teapot and spout a rinse

  2. Wipe down the body with a slightly damp cloth as needed

  3. Hand wash all parts with soap and warm water

  4. Make sure you give it a thorough rinse with warm water to ensure no soap residue remains

  5. Dry thoroughly with a soft dish towel to prevent watermarks

If your teapot becomes heavily soiled from repeated use, wash with a non-abrasive cleaning product and rinse thoroughly. 


Extra tips for cleaning your glass teapot

  • If you choose to put your glass teapot in the dishwasher, put it on the top rack

  • Use soft tissues or cloth to dry it – this will keep the glass shiny and prevent scratches in the surface of the glass

  • If your teapot is stained, try baking soda or lemon and hot water to fight against water stains – you will have to let it soak for a while


Care instructions for your glass teapot

  • Never use glassware that is chipped or cracked

  • Do not expose glassware to sudden extremes of temperatures- for example: never put a hot teapot in a freezer or refrigerator

  • Do not microwave

  • We do not recommend using your glass teapots on the stove top- boil water in a kettle and pour hot water into the teapot


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3 thoughts on “How to Clean A Glass Teapot

  1. Maria says:

    Thanks for the quick response. 🙂
    I hope a pipe cleaner brush will work, as the teapot is of really thin glass.
    Fingers crossed!

    Kind regards,


    • Helmi Ansari says:

      Hi Maria, thanks for the great question! Usually filling the teapot with water and some dish detergent, then leaving it to soak, and then later on using a thin bottle brush or a pipe cleaner brush will just clean away the insides really well. Since it is glass, it is an ultra smooth surface and should clean away well. Ceramic is much harder to clean because its more porous than glass. Hope that helps, happy tea drinking!

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