Are you considering to buy a new teapot but are not sure which kind of teapot would be the best for you? We are here to tell you why you will not be disappointed buying GROSCHE infuser teapots. We have a variety of glass teapots with stainless steel infusers for every tea lover.

Borosilicate heatproof glass

All GROSCHE infuser teapots are made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is not only used for our teapots but also for things like test tubes in labs, high-end camera lenses, space equipment, and more.


Borosilicate glass is perfect for our teapots because they are less likely to crack, have a lifelong cloud-free warranty, and they are resistant to thermal shock.


Borosilicate glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient. This means that it does not expand much when it is under high heat. This is what leads the glass to be resistant to thermal shock, as in it can withstand boiling hot water. Borosilicate is much less likely to shatter than regular glass, which is why it was the obvious material to use for our tea pots.


Great design

Having a GROSCHE glass teapot with infuser is the perfect thing to add to your kitchen decor. Because it’s clear, you can watch beautiful tea steep. An example of a great tea to buy with one of our glass teapots is loose tea leaves or blooming tea. This flowering tea is great to watch as it blooms right before your eyes.

Not only are these teapots great to look at, they will more than likely match any kitchenware you currently have or are planning on buying. At GROSCHE, we carry a few different styles of glass infuser teapots so that you will be able to find one to match your kitchen perfectly. We also carry various sizes from single-serving to a 2 liter teapot.

Easy to clean

Glass teapots are generally easy to clean. Because they are clear, you can easily see the dirt or build up on the pot. Our GROSCHE infuser teapots are generally dishwasher safe, however we highly recommend hand washing to lower the risk of accidental breakage.


Easy to use

With a GROSCHE infuser teapot you are also able to steep your tea to your liking. Because the glass is clear, you can see when the tea is steeped to the strength that you desire. Once your tea is ready, you can simply take the infuser out of the teapot. Either save it for the next pot or just throw it away.

Glass teapots are also a better option than stainless steel or ceramic teapots because glass does not hold a particular taste – hence making the perfect cup of tea.


Want a more durable infuser teapot without the glass?

One of our most popular tea makers is the Aberdeen Smart Tea Maker. This infuser teapot is BPA free and made of Triton plastic. It has a built in stainless steel infuser and makes for a unique pour.

100% guaranteed customer satisfaction

At GROSCHE we have a 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. If something happens to your glass teapot, or a part of your teapot breaks, you can always contact us. We’ll replace your teapot or broken part with proof of purchase and proof of damage of the product.


Ready to purchase a teapot?

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