Chances are if you’re anything like us you’ll go to great extremes to get a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re roughing it for the weekend, at a cottage, or simply on your way to work, good coffee is something we won’t compromise. Fortunately, there are various products on the market that make brewing coffee a breeze, regardless of where you may be.  From stovetop espresso makers to portable coffee grinders, we cover our five favourite camping accessories for making the perfect cup of coffee while in the great outdoors.


1) Stovetop- Espresso Maker

Before you take on a full day of adventures, you’ll need some coffee.  If you like your coffee rich and strong, a portable espresso maker like the GROSCHE Milano is the camping accessory for you. Simply put your fine grinds in the filter, add some water, put it on a burner and let it brew. Once brewing has completed, indulge, rinse out to clean and let the adventures begin! Whether at the cottage or the campsite, this portable and durable espresso maker makes it easy to brew.



2) Stainless Steel French Press

Original French presses are not designed for the rugged camping escapades. Luckily, there are more heavy-duty models on the market today like the GROSCHE Dublin French Press capable of withstanding these quests. What we love most about this press specifically is that it’s made from durable stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about breaking it along the way. It features a 1L capacity capable of brewing larger batches with less effort, unlike pour overs. What’s more, the stainless steel keeps your coffee hotter for longer.  With this press it’s easy to hydrate the camping crew.



3) Everest Mug

The EVEREST mug is fantastic insulated coffee mug that’s built tough for every day use. This is the perfect insulated coffee mug for home, school and office, and also an ideal insulated travel coffee mug for the outdoors. You will immediately feel the quality of this 14 fl. oz capacity durable 18/8 no rust stainless steel insulated coffee mug. This thermal coffee mug has an easy grip handle. Also it includes an easy clean splash proof lid, and a sliding closure for easy on the go sipping. 

GROSCHE Everest insulated coffee mugs insulated travel mug with handle reusable mug stainless steel with lid


4) Marrakesh Pour Over Kettle

The GROSCHE Marrakesh Pour Over Kettle is an essential for every camping trip. Aside from it being small and compact compared to your average kettle, this one requires no electricity. Simply fill the kettle with water, put it on your gas burner, let it heat up and voila- you have boiled water. It can be used on electric coil stoves, induction stoves, camping propane, and gas stoves. Gooseneck kettles are cherished for the control it provides when pouring which makes it essential for making the best pour over coffee.



5) Manual Coffee Grinder

If you don’t have a manual coffee grinder, you’ll want to go get one ASAP. Don’t think that just because you’re far out in a bush somewhere with no electricity, that you have to pack pre-ground coffee. The GROSCHE BREMEN Coffee Grinder is here to help. It’s small, compact, and includes a mason jar to keep your coffee fresh if you end up grinding too much. The adjustable ceramic burr makes it easy to change your grinds from coarse to fine, depending on your brewing method of choice.



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1 thoughts on “The Five Best Camping Coffee Accessories You Need

  1. Steve the chef says:

    I brew my camping coffee cowboy style, in an old blue Coleman coffee pot, bring water to a boil and add in coffee grounds and let em cook till its thick. add in some milk, and let it cook on the stove. totally different taste! Cowboy coffee!

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