The pressure is on for finding a mothers day gift that your mom would actually like. We know they can be challenging to shop for so we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of 8 gift ideas for. Whether you’re looking for a simple gift or you’re looking to go all out- this list will help.

Water Pitcher

For all those years, mom made sure you stayed hydrated on those hot summer days- it’s time you returned the favor. Gifting mom with an infusion water pitcher is not only a cost-effective gift, but it’s also a practical one. You can find numerous water infuser pitchers that work for both flavored water and even sangria! With this beautiful addition to her kitchen, she’s ought to love it and you.


A watch is a fit for every mom- especially if she’s got style. The best thing about watches is you can find several different brands, styles, and colors in a variety of price ranges, giving you lots of options as a shopper. She’ll be thrilled to receive something she can actually wear, and you’ll be thrilled it won’t break the bank- it’s a win-win scenario.


When all else fails, why not give the women that gave you her all, flowers. They are the perfect gift for many reasons; they smell good, they look nice, and they have a way of brightening up any room. They’re a classic gift that will surely make any mom feel cherished. And if you want to get cheeky you can even include a clever card saying “ Because taking care of me wasn’t enough” (warning: only for moms with a sense of humor).

Mother's day gifts


Pearl Earrings

Earrings are a great option not only because most moms love jewelry but they are a one size fits all ordeal. When choosing the perfect pair, consider her outfits and daily activities. If she likes to keep things simple, pearls will be her “go-to” for many occasions. You can find various styles whether it be studs or hoops, all you need to do is find an elegant design and she’s sure to love them.


Nothing ever tastes as good as when mom makes it. So why not expand mom’s cooking skills and get her a cookbook. Whether she’s health conscious, passionate about ethnic cuisine or looking to spice up her kitchen, you can easily find a book made for her. Some mom favorites are “It’s All Good” by Gwyneth Paltrow or “In the Green Kitchen” by Alice Waters, to name a few. Who knows, she may even reward you with some home-cooked meals that you’ll both enjoy.


For the woman you find nose deep in a book, a kindle is the perfect mother’s day gift. Not only has it already proved its worth, but it is perfect for using around the home and makes a good travel companion. No more clunky books meaning more clutter free spaces with a Kindle in the house.

Ipad Mini

Let’s be real, your mom deserves the best, and what better way to show her you love her than gracing her with a new Ipad mini. Not only are they easy to use, but they offer a variety of activities to entertain any mom, whether it be indulging on the slot apps, getting DIY inspiration from Pinterest or simply keeping up on the latest Facebook gossip. You can even score some brownie points by purchasing some magazine issues of whatever it may be mum loves. Note: Moms like white & gold!

GLASGOW Glass Infuser Teapot & Blooming tea

Let’s face it- you caused your mom a lot of stress over the years. So why not do her a favor and spoil her with something that’ll supply her with a relaxing and well-deserved break. The beautiful bloom and pleasant aroma is a sure way to lighten up her afternoons.

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