Want to maintain your healthy diet and still enjoy everyone’s favorite course with some quick healthy desserts? Well do I have a diet-friendly treat for you!

You can keep away all things buttery, sugary and baked, and still satisfy your sweet tooth craving with a decadent dessert tea.

Tea not only contains less calories than any pastry, but it’s also been linked to reducing stress levels, increasing metabolism and many other health benefits.

This dessert alternative will leave you guilt free and even better… it comes in so many mouthwatering flavors! These make for some of the tastiest and easiest healthy dessert recipes.

Decadent Dessert Teas

The delectable marzipan and amaretto flavors in Nutcracker Tea will satisfy any sweet craving. The tiny snowflakes and silver ball candies bring out a theatrical flair to the tea, and its unique notes will leave an aromatically sweet finish.


Substitute your next raspberry pastry for this natural herbal tea. French bakers and cafes have long decorated pastries, desserts, sauces and jams because of their sweet aroma and taste. And boy are they right in doing so, which is why we’ve graced herbal Rooibos with a berry closely tied to every dessert menu.


Cinnamon buns are a well-loved treat, which is why this dessert tea is one of our most popular. It’s enchanting notes of tender vanilla and toasty cinnamon give serious nostalgia of the favored pastry.

Cinnamon Bun Tea has a lot of qualities to offer and with a little frothed warm milk it makes for the coziest tea latte.

Tea Type: BLACK

Hazelnut Vanilla Tea is the perfect healthy dessert choice for someone who wants something light and subtle. It makes for a great tea latte base with its hazelnut countenance and modest vanilla undertones.

Tea Type: BLACK

A beautiful partnership of apple and cinnamon. Ideal for a comforting, cozy and warm after dinner drink. It never fails to bring us a sense of home-like inner peace and serenity. 


tea favorites And Accessories

A healthy caramel delight. This dessert tea is an excellent option for anyone who loves rich notes of butterscotch and nutty almond flavors. Scottish Caramel Toffee is a decadent tea with subtle down-to-earth Pu’erh attributes.

Add a little milk, honey or maple syrup to this one and you’ll be in heaven.

Tea Type: PU ERH

A different take on dessert but one that’s sweet none the less! Canadian Ice Wine Tea is an amazing alternative to the alcoholic drink.

It’s much healthier and still has the smooth Riesling notes that ice wine drinkers love. It has a luscious berry finish that will be sure to satisfy your dessert-craving.

Tea Type: WHITE

health benefits

What makes tea a great dessert substitute is not only the variety of rich dessert-like flavors, it’s also the health benefits linked to consumption.


  • Boosts heart health
  • Decreases the risk of Cancer
  • Balances blood sugar and improves insulin resistance
  • Soothes allergies and headaches


  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Aids digestion
  • Reduces stress
  • Prevents illness


  • Improves alertness and focus
  • Reduces the risk of stroke
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Decreases the risk of Cancer