When the holiday season hits, finding the perfect gift for your dad seems daunting and near impossible. A recent study determined that 40% of people say their kids are their favorite people to shop for at Christmas, while only 2% said their dad was their favorite person to shop for.

This comes as no surprise as dads either already have everything they want or they are reluctant in communicating gift ideas, making it a challenge for us gift buyers. But we know your dad deserves the best presents this Christmas, that’s why we’ve gone ahead and put together some coffee gift ideas to help you find the best present for the man you care about most.

 Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Dads need plenty of caffeine to keep them going. That’s why when all they need is quick strong jolt of coffee to get them through the long business day or the strenuous yard work, coffee drippers like the Amsterdam, is the solution for them. The pour over method allows the natural oils from the grounds to seep through into the mug, creating a cup of the finest and tastiest coffee your dad deserves in just minutes!

Espresso Maker

An espresso maker is the ultimate gift for the entertaining dad. Depending on your budget, you can find espresso makers from $20- $600. Stovetop espresso makers such as the MILANO, are generally the more affordable option and make for a great stocking stuffer. So go ahead and let your dad host the next party, just don’t be surprised to find his guests buzzing off some espresso.

Travel Mug

Busy dads are always on the lookout for the perfect travel mug. That’s why a travel mug like our CHICAGO STEEL is the perfect gift for him this holiday season. It’s convenient to use and even easier to clean, making it a great gift for dads on the go. With a tight locking silicone lid and holding grip, your dad will be drinking his coffee in style.

Coffee Mug

Dad’s can never have too many mugs, especially not one that keeps their coffee warmer for longer. There are various types of coffee mugs available that can be just for your dad. What’s best about mugs, like the FRESNO, is they can be used for both coffee and beer- dad’s two favorite drinks!

French Press

If your dad doesn’t already have a French press coffee maker, it’s time you go get him one. French presses not only brew the best tasting coffee, but they look good in the kitchen while doing so. You can find various presses that range in both color and sizes for anywhere between $15-$60. Making a French press good “go-to” gift idea for coffee enthusiasts like your dad!

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