Let’s be honest, there’s a coffee lover in everyone’s life. And when thinking of gift ideas for coffee lovers there is just so much to choose from.

But you want to get that special coffee drinker in your life the perfect gift. You want to get them something trendy that will make their morning routine enjoyable and easier. Which is why we’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for coffee lovers.

These coffee products have style, ease and durability. And the best part is, they all give back. Every time one of these products are purchased, GROSCHE is able to give 50+ days of safe drinking water to families in need.

MILANO Stovetop Espresso Maker

Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers : GROSCHE Milano stovetop espresso maker moka pot

If your coffee lover is used to drip coffee then you just wait. An introduction to the Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker will upgrade their whole coffee experience.

Also known as a moka pot, the Milano is a classic Italian stove top espresso maker that’s perfect for anyone who loves a strong dose of espresso. Compared to filter coffee makers, this brewing method extracts more caffeine and flavor.

The Milano is made from food safe aluminum and a non-toxic silicon gasket seal. It is fairly easy to use and works on all gas and electric stove tops.

AUSTIN G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers : GROSCHE Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Austin G6 is great for any coffee lover who is either experienced or new to pour over coffee. It has a large capacity allowing it to make coffee for 1-4 people at a time.

The G6 comes with an extra fine stainless-steel mesh filter, which ensures that no grit winds up in your coffee.

The oils from coffee beans is what adds to the flavor of coffee. In paper pour over filters, which are commonly found in drip coffee makers, the oil flavor is trapped and doesn’t get into your cup.

With the AUSTIN G6 over half of the oils can make it to your cup without any grit. So, you can get a smooth tasting coffee that is still bold at the same time.

BREMEN Manual Coffee Grinder

Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers : GROSCHE Bremen Manual Coffee Grinder

We tend to overlook grinders. We go for the first cheap one we see, myself included. And those are great for grinding things like spices. But when it comes to grinding coffee you want a quality grinder.

The Bremen Manual Coffee Grinder is a ceramic conical burr grinder, meaning it is reliable for evenly grinding your coffee beans. Since it’s manual it does require a little more work but trust me the work is worth it.

Manual grinders can provide better tasting coffee compared to electric since electric grinders have a tendency to generate heat and scorch the coffee beans inside.

The second-best thing about the Bremen, is that it’s quiet. So, if you have a coffee lover in your household you can give them the gift of a great grinder and give yourself the gift of silent early mornings.

MADRID Premium French Press

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers : GROSCHE Madrid Premium French Press A premium, chic French press that will look good in any kitchen. The Madrid Premium French Press is designed for durability and style.

French presses make a great cup of coffee or tea because they allow for steeping. The Madrid has a dual filter system that allows coarse ground coffee or loose-leaf tea to infuse completely within just a few minutes.

The Madrid is available in three different sizes, allowing for 3 cups, 8 cups and 12 cups.

CHICAGO Travel Infuser Bottle

Gift Idea For Coffee Lovers : Grosche Chicago Infusion BottleThis bottle is a great gift for any tea or coffee drinker who is usually on-the-go. The Chicago is a stainless-steel, vacuum insulated bottle with a leak-proof and removable infuser.

This bottle allows coffee drinkers to expand their horizons. They can use it for coffee, infused tea or fruit infused water. The CHICAGO is not only convenient, it’s also trendy.

It comes in a variety of patterns and has a matte soft-touch exterior that adds a sharp look. This exterior also provides a sweat-free, comfortable grip.