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Biosand Filters: How they work, and how they change lives


The heart of GROSCHE is our Safe Water Project. It has provided safe drinking water to people across six countries so far.  What makes that heartbeat is the use of Biosand filters. Biosand filters are a simple type of water cleaning technology used in rural houses. Biosand filters are an adaptation of slow sand filters.  […]

10 Turmeric Tea Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Turmeric benefits Health benefits of Turmeric tea

Turmeric benefits us in many ways. But you may or may not have heard of the health benefits of Turmeric tea. The spice grows from the Turmeric root, which is native to India and Southeast Asia. The amount of peer-reviewed studies showing this tea’s benefits is immense. Curcumin is the main ingredient in Turmeric. It […]

Different Coffee Roasts and Their Characteristics

coffee roasts and their characteristics

Aside from a coffee beans origin and growing environment, different coffee roast types can also ignite various bean flavours. These flavours, along with the colour of the bean, develop from the internal temperature the bean reaches during the roasting process. To accomplish a light roast, the beans stay at lower temperatures while dark roasts reach much higher internal temperatures. […]

The Five Best Camping Coffee Accessories You Need

Chances are if you’re anything like us you’ll go to great extremes to get a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re roughing it for the weekend, at a cottage, or simply on your way to work, good coffee is something we won’t compromise. Fortunately, there are various products on the market that make brewing coffee […]

The Best Coffee Grinder: Hand Grinder vs. Electric Grinder


If you’re a coffee connoisseur, I’m sure you are well aware of the difference between a good cup of coffee from a not-so-good cup. And if you’re not… well, you’re in the right place. Although making delicious coffee requires a few key components, finding the best coffee grinder is one of the most effective and […]