Black tea is quite popular all around the globe. People on Eastern side of the planet mostly consume the tea hot, while a lot of people in the West drink black tea cold in an iced tea form. Some famous black teas are English Breakfast, and Chai Tea. Black tea is a staple in many homes in the subcontinent of India not only for its great taste as it is extremely healthy. Primarily known for its great taste, the health benefits of black tea are often overlooked. In this post, we’re going to look at what black tea really is, how it is produced, and the black tea benefits.


What is Black Tea?

Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves go through an oxidation and fermentation process which gives the leaves the black colour. Oxidation involves exposing the tea leaves in the moist air. The oxygen in the air gives the leaves that unique flavour and health benefits. The tea makers can control the amount of oxidation, but black tea is a fully oxidized tea.

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Origins of Black Tea

The background of black tea comes from China. The Dutch first introduced the tea to Europe in 1610 and its popularity skyrocketed quickly. Within 50 years, black tea made its way to England and then to America via the British colonies throughout the 18th century. In the early 19th century, the English discovered the Camellia sinensis assamica growing in far east India. As India was under British rule at the time, the English started planting high volumes of the tea plant because of the high demand for black tea. Black tea consumption rose in India and England due to the mass exports of tea back to the mainland.


Black Tea vs Green Tea

Both black tea and green tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant. The difference comes in the processing of the leaves. Unlike black tea, green tea leaves aren’t fermented as they’re steamed and withered. Black tea leaves, on the other hand, are crushed up and fermented. On top of that, black tea leaves are way more oxidized than green tea leaves. This gives black tea the greater amount of caffeine, color, and flavour. Black tea keeps its freshness, flavour, quality for years longer than green tea because of the oxidation process. Even though black tea and green tea come from the same plant, the treatment of the leaves makes a huge difference in taste and effects.


What does Black Tea Taste Like?

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Charming and soft notes of vanilla, provoking a creamier and smoother version of a classic Earl Grey.

Black tea is similar to wine in the way that the taste varies on what kind of black tea you’re drinking. Typically, black tea has a strong taste and is much richer when compared to other teas. The taste can also be described as bolder, which could be guessed as the word black can imply a bold taste. Moreover, black tea can also be more astringent and bitter. Again, this all depends on black tea can also be quite sweet and creamy. Black tea has several different tastes and many different ways to enjoy it.


Does Black Tea Have Caffeine?

A cup of black tea will contain more caffeine than a cup of green, white, or oolong tea. Along with a substance found in black tea called theophylline, the caffeine speeds up your heart rate and makes you feel more alert. The caffeine content in black tea is around 50 mg per cup, but this strongly depends on how the brewing of the tea.


10 Black Tea Benefits

1: Could Help with Preventing Cancer

Studies show that drinking black tea could reduce the risk of specific types of cancer. Black tea

is chalk full of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that help prevent DNA damage and some types of cancer. The National Cancer Institute says that the polyphenols in black tea could decrease tumor growth. Some findings even show that drinking black tea lowers the risk of advanced stage prostate cancer. The presence of the compound theaflavin in black tea has the ability to stop the growth of ovarian cancer cells. Unlike many cancer-fighting drugs, this chemical destroys cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. A cup of black tea per day could eliminate cancer risk due to the natural chemical inside that help your body.

A powerful blend of three classes of black tea with royal qualities the head monarch of Britain would approve of.



2: Improves Heart Health

Drinking black tea can help lower the chances of heart disease and heart attacks. A specific study has stated that black tea consumers have lower cardiovascular risk factors. Moreover, drinking black tea can give you a healthier cholesterol level. According to a separate study, can reverse the abnormal function of blood vessels that lead to cardiovascular conditions such as strokes. Atherosclerosis is the buildup of plaque along the walls of an artery in your body and is caused by free radicals. This can lead to coronary heart disease, but black tea combats these free radicals. The antioxidants in black tea reduce the free radicals that cause atherosclerosis. Black tea can do your heart wonders as it lowers the chances of many diseases and conditions from affecting your heart.


3: Helps Decrease Risk of Diabetes 2

Long-term drinking of black tea lowers glycemic index which means that the chances of developing diabetes 2 drops. If you drink 3 cups of black tea per day, the chances of developing diabetes 2 drops by about 42%.


4: Helps with Stomach Digestion

If you are suffering from an upset stomach, drinking black tea should help. The tannins in black tea soothe the inflammation in the intestines which helps with diarrhea. Black tea also decreases digestive activity and has a healing effect on gastric and intestinal illnesses. Black tea helps with stomach digestion a lot and it can help you if you’re having any tummy troubles.


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A powerful blend of three classes of black tea with royal qualities the head monarch of Britain would approve of.


5: Boosts Alertness

The caffeine present in black tea stimulates your brain by enhancing your alertness and giving you energy. Blood flow to your brain improves so you feel more awake. Black tea provides a jolt of energy to wake you up and improve your performance.

6: Improves Oral Health

If you want a natural way to reduce the formation of plaque in your mouth, start drinking black tea. Polyphenols found in black tea lower bacteria growth that advances the formation of tooth decay and cavities. Drinking black tea also greatly reduces the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.

7: Enhances Immune System

Black tea has tannins which improve our immune response and help fight common viruses. Influenza, hepatitis, and stomach flu are all no match for the antioxidants in black tea.


The black tea benefits range from helping with major diseases to stopping bad breath. It is clear to see why this bold cup of tea has been a popular choice all over the world for centuries. To read about the benefits of white tea, click here. Click here to check out our most popular black teas ranging from chai teas to a cookies n’ cream flavour!

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