One minute we were buying holiday gifts, now you are trying to find a gift for a loved one you know they will love! Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th and the count down is on. Lucky for you we have complied a quick list of some unique valentine’s day gift ideas. 

The History of Valentine’s Day

The valentines day that we know and love is much different than how it originated (and that was as early as 496 AD). It isn’t about giving the latest gadget or spending absurd amounts of money, Valentine’s day history is actually much different depending on who you talk to.
In Christian faith, there are several martyrs known as different variations of “St. Valentine”. One story speaks of a time when powerful leaders thought single men made better soldiers – so marriage was outlawed for young men. Valentine went against the law and married people in secret.
The Pagan celebration of Lupercalia celebrated the Roman God of Agriculture, Faunus as well as Romulus and Remus. The festival focused on celebrating increased fertility to the lands.
You might have heard of Cupid, an adorable cherub often connected to Valentine’s Day. He has connections to the Greek God, Eros (whose name might be familiar if you are either a Marvel or Harry Styles fan). He is both witty and playful and is often depicted with wings and arrows.

Valentine’s Day in Recent Years

With its ties to romance, poems were traditionally gifted as tokens of affection. In the late 1800s this then shifted into cards. It eventually branched out to chocolates, flowers and so much more. In the 1980’s many companies began to understand the value of television marketing. Valentine’s day quickly became one of the most commercialized holidays in North America.
Last year the average person spent $200 (43% higher than 2017!) and this year its anticipated to be even higher! Valentine’s day isn’t only for your loved one anymore. More and more people are buying valentine’s day gifts for family members as well.

Everyone is chasing the ultimate valentine’s day gift. This causes high amounts of unnecessary waste that can take hundreds of years to breakdown. It’s about time that we moved away from unnecessary gifts and instead focused on gifts that our loved ones can actually appreciate. 


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


1. Gift an Experience for Valentine’s Day

Out with the old and in with the new. Why not give your valentine an experience that you both can remember for years to come?

Board Game Night

As a great valentine’s day gift for them why not spend the night in, brew a pot of tea, playing some of their favorite boardgames? A Baylor University study reported that couples who play board games together released more oxytocin (the “love hormone”). Not able to meet your loved one in person? is a great & free virtual date night!

Movie Night

With everything going on in the world there is a whole new appreciation for the arts. Is there a movie that your boyfriend has been dying to see? Then getting a movie night in would be the best valentine’s day gift for him. Have even more fun by making some stovetop popcorn, making a cooking a recipe inspired by the film and dressing up as your favourite characters.

2. Gift Them Something You Know They Will Use Often for Valentine’s Day.

A great way to cut down on waste and stay true to the spirit of the holiday is showing how well you know your valentine. Why not get them a gift you know they will use often or will make their life a little easier?

Upgrade Their Coffee Game

A morning brew is a staple part of a lot of people’s routines. A fresh Moka Pot of coffee or a cold brew from a french press is guaranteed to brighten a coffee lovers day. Why not give the best valentine’s day present for her by upgrading her coffee game?

Upgrade Their Tea Setup

There are a million ways to say “I love you” but we’re biased when we say Externally Nuts might be our favourite. Or other top favourites are: Berry Satisfying, Kama Sutra, A Raspberry in Paris. Loose leaf tea is a great low-waste and compostable. Infuse at home with an ABERDEEN or on the go with an infuser bottle.

3. Gift a Donation to Cause They Care About for Valentine’s Day.

At GROSCHE we are proud of our Safe Water Project (SWP). The SWP donates 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need with every item purchased. Here are some other great donation ideas:

Donate to a Local Humane Society

Is your partner an animal lover? Consider making a donation to a local humane society in their name. Want to take it a step further? Some locations even allow you to take shelter dogs for a walk so its a great way to get outside as well. What a great way to celebrate the ancient Rome tradition.

Donate to a Climate Action Organization

Show you care about the future with them by making a donation to a climate action charity in their name. There are some great climate action charities that are focusing on tangible problems such as rainforest protection, switching to clean energy or curbing air pollution. Here is a great list of potential climate action organizations to donate to.

Did you think of an idea that is not on our list? Add it in the comments of this post!