How to Make Siphon Coffee

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siphon coffee stir the coffee to brew it in the top chamber in the vaccuum coffee syphon grosche heisenberg

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably heard the term siphon coffee before. And if not, we’re psyched to be the ones introducing you to the coolest way of brewing a cup of joe. 

In this post, we’ll explain what siphon coffee is, how it works, along with a step by step guide on how to make it. Let’s begin! 


What is siphon coffee? 

Siphon coffee, also known as vacuum coffee, vac pots, syphon brewed coffee, etc.,  has been around for years.

A French housewife and German engineer invented this in the 1930’s. They first discovered coffee tasted best when it wasn’t’ boiled and pulled under a vacuum.

Through a series of trial and error experiments, they came together with something that progressed into quite the theatrical brewing process. The excitement of this coffee maker has even sparked intense siphon competitions is Japan- Google it. You won’t be disappointed. 


How does a siphon coffee maker work?

A Siphon coffee maker works with a little help from our friend; science.  It consists of five basic parts; the globe pressure pot on the bottom, the funnel or brew chamber in the top, burner, lid, and a filter. The process looks complicated but once you get a hang of it, it’s simple. How it works is you heat water in the bottom globe with the burner then secure the top funnel in place. When the water is hot enough (typically just below boiling point), the vapor pressure forces the water to rise up into the top funnel where it brews.

Once the water has made its way into the top funnel and the coffee grinds have been added, it’s time to remove the heat source. The vapor pressure will then release and gravity will draw back the coffee through the filter into the globe. Although this brewing method can be time-consuming, it is actually quite a thrill.

The end result? The finest cup of coffee you’ll ever drink. Science rules! 


Siphon Coffee Filters

There are various kinds of filters that can be used to make siphon coffee. Some of the more common ones include; cloth, nylon mesh, and paper.  For many, however, cloth filters are typically the filter of choice. Paper filters absorb and trap the natural oils of coffee, whereas, cloth filters allow these oils to pass through into the vac pot. Therefore, extracting all of the coffees natural oils is essential for a full flavored cup.


How often do you need to replace the filter?

If you’re using a cloth filter, we suggest switching out after 2-3 months of consistent use.  To clean it use a mild detergent, hot water, and a scrubbing brush. Make sure to give it a thorough rinse after each wash so no detergent gets left behind.  The filter will get stained from the coffee the first time you use it so don’t fret if it doesn’t look like it did when you bought it. If you have OCD tendencies and wish to take it one step further, however, you can soak it in Oxyclean and hot water.


How to Make Siphon Coffee in 10 Easy Steps

What you’ll need:


What you need to brew siphon coffee | GROSCHE Heisenberg 

1) Start by attaching the filter’s spring clip to the bottom tube of the funnel. This keeps the filter secure and prevents any grinds from passing through.

siphon coffee


2) Next, add 400 g of pre-heated filtered water to the bottom bulb.You can fill it to the 400 ml marker or use a weigh scale to get to 400 grams. 

Adding water to boiler chamber of coffee syphon grosche heisenberg


3) Fill the alcohol burner with fondue oil, making sure the wick sticks out from the top when you put the lid back on. Then you’ll see the wick start to change color as it absorbs the colored fuel/oil. Honestly, it looks really cool when it does that. 


What fuel to use in a coffee siphon | GROSCHE Heisenberg


4) After that carefully light the wick and apply heat by placing the burner under the globe.


flame in heater boiling water in grosche heisenberg


5) Next, place the top funnel on an angle into the globe while the water starts to heat.


inserting top and heating the water in grosche heisenberg


6) After that, measure and grind 30 g of coffee medium-coarse (the size of table salt). For best results, grind coffee right before each brew. You can adjust coffee amounts up or down depending on your flavor preference up to 40 grams for super strong coffee. 

7) Then secure the top funnel into the bottom when you see the water in the bottom globe start to bubble. The water will slowly make its way into the funnel. When most of the water has made its way up to the top filter (a little should remain at the bottom), add the grinds and stir. 


adding coffee to syphon heisenberg grosche


8)  Stir the coffee well,  ensuring all the grinds become saturated. Let the coffee sit, untouched for one minute.  Remove the heat source and stir the coffee grinds approximately 10 times for complete saturated immersion brewing.


stir the coffee to brew it in the top chamber in the vaccuum coffee syphon grosche heisenberg


9) The coffee will begin to filter into the globe. This process is called the “draw-down” and typically takes about a minute to finish. Remove the funnel and place it in the lid which has a holder built in.


vaccuum coffee brewer coffee syphon grosche heisenberg


10) Finally, you’re ready to serve and enjoy!


pouring coffee from a coffee siphon vaccuum coffee syphon grosche heisenberg


Wasn’t that fun? 

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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  1. Good explanation, it took me a longer time the first time to make it and now its much easier and quicker as I know how. Even my first cup of siphon coffee was delicious, and they keep getting better overall as I master the techniques.

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