Not everyone is a fan of the strong coffee shots known as espresso. The Americano offers a solution. It is an espresso and water mixed together, creating a lighter drink. Think of it like espresso on the rocks. Here are our tips on how to make an Americano, whether that’s hot or iced.


History of the Americano

There are many ideas about the creation of the Americano. However, one theory is more popular than others. Even if it is not certain, the history of the Americano starts a long time ago.

American soldiers created it during WWII. When they were in Italy, they did not like the Italian espresso. They wanted coffee that was closer to what they were used to. So, they mixed the espresso with water.

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How to Make an Espresso

The first step to make any Americano is the espresso. One way to make espresso is with a stovetop espresso maker. Our product is the GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker. Also known as a Moka pot, this stovetop espresso maker comes with an Italian safety valve and a burn guard, making it the safest on the market.


Step 1: Remove the filter funnel and upper part of the coffee maker.

Step 2: Fill the lower part of the machine with fresh cold water. Make sure not to fill it past the safety valve.

Step 3: Fill the filter funnel with fine ground espresso coffee beans and put the coffee maker back together.

Step 4: With your stove on a low flame setting, place your stovetop espresso maker on the heated element.

Step 5: When the coffee begins to bubble from the filter section into the upper part of the machine, turn the stove down.

Step 6: Once the gurgling sound has stopped, the coffee is ready. Remove your espresso maker from the stove.

The espresso is done when all the steps are finished. This means that you have finished the first, and harder, half of the Americano.

There are other ways to make espresso, but using the Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker will give the perfect espresso experience every time. It’s also much more affordable than an electric espresso machine.


How to Make an Americano

With the espresso made, you should move on to the second half of this drink. Use a regular sized coffee mug.  Fill the mug with just under boiling hot water. The water should not be too cold because you do not want to cool down the espresso.

The amount of hot water is a little bit tricky. The standard for an Americano is a 1:1 ratio between the hot water and the espresso. This means that if a single shot of espresso (3 oz.) was made, the same amount of water, 3 oz., should be placed in the mug. This pattern will continue for more espresso. For example, a triple shot of espresso will need at least 9 ounces of hot water.


How to Make an Iced Americano

For an iced Americano, the same espresso is made as the hot version. With the espresso completed, you can now move on to the second half of the iced Americano.

There are different ways to make this iced coffee. The first, make a hot Americano. Chill the drink and then pour it over a cup filled with ice. The second, fill a cup with ice and instead of hot water, use cold water. Add the fresh cold water to the ice and pour the espresso over it.

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The amount of water is a little bit different than the hot version. Typically, the iced Americano will be a lighter drink. This means that the ratio will be more water to less espresso.

Overall, the same idea as the hot Americano can be used. More cold water will make the coffee lighter. Less cold water will make the coffee stronger. If you wish, you can even add in any sweetener or dairy.


Espresso to Water Ratio in an Americano

When adding water you need to keep in mind the ratio. There is a standard 1:1 ratio for the espresso and water in an Americano. This goes for either hot or iced drinks.

However, sometimes the coffee drinker will want a stronger drink. Other times they may want a lighter coffee. Hence, the number of water changes. For example, some people prefer a 2:1 ratio for hot water to espresso. This makes the coffee a little bit lighter.

The most common ratios for an Americano are 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, and 0.5:1 for water to espresso. All these mixtures are valid and will change depending on the coffee drinker.

Remember, more water will make the Americano lighter, and less will make it stronger. This is always true, regardless if it is iced or hot.

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So, this is how to make a hot and iced Americano coffee, one of espresso lovers favourite coffee drinks. Now you can make Americanos from home. Even if your mood changes, you can adjust it to be as strong, or light, as you want.

In all, this article should help you find out how to make an Americano. To finish, if you’re looking for the best Americano, use clean fresh water and the Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker. Enjoy!


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