So you’ve picked your favorite loose-leaf, the next step is finding the right teapot for getting the taste you desire. There are several different styles, designs and colours of teapots to choose from: cast iron, ceramic and glass teapots. It’s not only important to find a design you like but also buying one that is practical for your needs.


Cast Iron Teapots

Cast Iron teapots, such as our Prosperitea, are the most durable teapots on the market. Unlike porcelain and glass teapots, cast iron teapots can last for many years, generally making them the pricier choice. Brewing in these teapots provides the best benefits to consumers as the material enables heat to be distributed evenly in the pot to better extract the flavors.

These teapots are also admired by consumers as they will keep your tea warm for up to an hour – perfect for socializing events.


Glass Teapots

Monaco glass teapot by GROSCHE


Although glass teapots tend to be more fragile, these teapots are the favorite amongst blooming tea lovers. The glass design lets you see the color as it steeps and is suited for the beautiful display of blooming tea as it deflowers, making it a unique experience for enjoying tea.

Glass teapots, like our Joliette, do not hold in the heat as efficient as the cast iron teapots unless assisted by a teapot warmer (see our Cairo). However, these teapots are perfect for the modern day home as they have an incomparable modern design that is the perfect finishing piece for any kitchen.


Ceramic Teapots

Ceramic teapots are ideal for everyday use. These teapots can be used for all kinds of tea including, white, black, green and oolong. Ceramic teapots come in various designs and styles that can be appealing to any tea drinker.

These teapots are slow to warm, but hold the heat well without releasing into the tea to quickly. They are generally the more affordable option, and therefore are a great choice for beginner tea brewers.


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