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10 Turmeric Tea Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Turmeric benefits Health benefits of Turmeric tea

Turmeric benefits us in many ways. But you may or may not have heard of the health benefits of Turmeric tea. The spice grows from the Turmeric root, which is native to India and Southeast Asia. The amount of peer-reviewed studies showing this tea’s benefits is immense. Curcumin is the main ingredient in Turmeric. It […]

How to Make Matcha Tea in a Matcha Shaker bottle

how to make matcha in a matcha shaker

  Let’s talk matcha shaker the easy matcha tea maker! We will see how to make matcha tea the easy way. From the simple battery operated milk frother to the traditional ceremonial style. While all work relatively well, you may find yourself favoring one technique over the other. And the tea infuser bottle is a great […]

How to Make Matcha Green Tea – Traditional Style

How to make green tea matcha

Matcha, matcha, matcha! It’s all of the rage. It may be from the numerous benefits it provides, the smooth taste it offers or from the spirituality and tranquillity associated with it. Nonetheless, cafes and restaurants around the world are working hard to learn how to make matcha green tea to keep up with the increasing […]

Oolong Tea Health Benefits: The Truth About Weight Loss

Oolong tea health benefits

You may have seen many ads for “The best green tea weight loss system” or “Detox green tea weight loss”. There are so many of these claims for Oolong tea health benefits that they are hard to avoid, especially on the internet. But are they true or false? We have done the research on the […]

Herbal Tea Sangria Recipes – Easy to make Herbal Sangria

Herbal Tea Sangria Recipe

There’s no better summer drink than a fruity sangria concoction. It’s refreshing and perfect for those warm summer nights on your own patio. Instead of using sugary juices as a base, we recommend to use tea instead. Use any kind of herbal tea you’d like for our sangria herbal tea recipe; fruit or mint-flavoured are particularly refreshing.