Working from home went from a trend to the new normal real fast, and we can’t say we’re too mad about it.

Yes, the working from home life can be a little distracting (thanks kiddos.. or doggos) but with the right working from home must haves, you’ll love your new work space and will be able to stay on task.

From organization products that keep you on-top of things, to tabletop decor that sets the vibe for your space and tech gadgets that block out any distractions.

We’ve got a list of working from home must haves that will get you excited to be working remotely, and will help you keep you on task in that home office of yours.

working from home must haves wireless computer mouse

1. Wireless Computer Mouse

Everyone talks about a good office chair, but the real game changer is a wireless computer mouse. Because there is nothing worse spending your 9am-5pm trying to use a laptop trackpad to navigate your files.

It will make copying and pasting, moving between monitors and scrolling through files so simple.

This must-buy will save a thousand headaches and make you feel like you’re right back in the office with your desktop.

GROSCHE Milano stovetop espresso maker moka pot coffee red

2. Espresso Coffee Maker

Miss the office’s fancy espresso maker? No problem. Brew your own barista worthy espresso with an at-home Stovetop Espresso Maker.

Moka pots are not only affordable, but also easy to use, and brew that same rich, smooth cup.

They also look make for great decor.

3. Desktop Planner

When something is laid out in front of you, you’ll never forget it. Which is why the best way to keep organized, especially when you’ve relocated to a new space, is a tabletop planner.

You can find planners that help you keep track of upcoming events, list to-dos, and write notes as reminders.

They’re the best way to stay organized.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Not many homes are noise-free, especially during these times. The house is full, the pets are running around, the garbage truck is screeching down the street, the neighbors are mowing the lawn.

It’s rarely quiet, which is why noise-cancelling headphones are a working from home essential. Any time you need to block out the noise, you can throw on your headphones and buckle down.


5. Insulated Water Bottle

Hydration is key to a healthy mind, which is why it’s important to take breaks from your work to drink and eat.

An Insulated Water Bottle on your desk will keep you on top of getting your eight glasses a day.

An Insulated Bottle will also keep your drinks cold or hot for the entire work day.

6. Desk Plants

A green space is a happy space. A few desk plants can go a long way in helping you feel more relaxed in your new spot.

They also liven up your desk area, which can have a positive affect on your mood as you dive into work.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, don’t stress. Most desk plants only need to be watered once a week.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing makes an office space more fun and upbeat than to play some tunes in the background as you work.

A Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to play music in any room you’re working in.

If you don’t like a song that comes up? Easy, you can control the music right from your phone or laptop.

premium french press coffee maker with chrome details, durable chrome frame and borosilicate glass beaker, tea and coffee press, GROSCHE Madrid rose gold

8. French Press Coffee maker

Don’t like espresso? Don’t worry there is still an affordable option to make coffee shop-worthy drinks at home.

French Presses are great to have when working from home because A) they’re great office décor, B) if you’re running low on time, the coffee can steep right at your desk, and C) the coffee tastes so good.

9. Blue Light Glasses

I think we’ve all felt that dry and tired feeling in our eyes after a long day of starring at your monitor and it’s no fun.

Save your eyes some stress with a pair of blue light glasses.

Not only are they trendy and come in many different styles, but they also have specially crafted lenses that block the blue light and glare from your monitor.

working from home must haves

10. Desk Storage Organizer

When working from home, organization can be tricky. One minute you’re looking for a memo, and the next you’re holding a utility bill. Okay this bill is a downer, but where is my memo?!

People work better when they’re stay organized, and a desk storage organizer will help you do just that. It will give all of your things a place that’s easily accessible to you.

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