There’s a new entrant to the luxury espresso market and it’s just in time for Christmas season. GROSCHE is presenting a handcrafted stovetop espresso maker above all others… The new MILANO Stella Aroma.

Stella, an Italian family-owned brand that made its way into the market in 1924 worked tirelessly to make a product that represented the soul of Italian homes. They combined innovation, high end features and an Italian-touch to build a luxury stovetop espresso maker above all.

And now GROSCHE has brought it back.

GROSCHE MILANO Stella Aroma Luxury Espresso Maker Moka Pot

High End MILANO Stella Aroma Features

The MILANO Stella Aroma not only builds a name for itself with its polished look, but also has high end features that make it truly a one-of-a-kind stovetop espresso maker.GROSCHE milano stella aroma milano stainless steel moka pot stovetop espresso maker moka coffee maker

Handcrafted One by One

MILANO Stella Aroma moka pots are entirely unique. Our craftsmen focus their attention on every detail. They go through 80 different steps to finish the production of just one Stella Aroma.

Functions on All Stovetop Types

This luxury espresso maker does not discriminate by stovetop type. It is a versatile stovetop coffee maker. So, whether it’s gas, induction, electric, glass or a camping stove, the MILANO Stella Aroma will brew a rich cup of Italian coffee.GROSCHE MILANO Stella Aroma Flavour Control Filter Moka Espresso Maker

Built-in Flavour Control Filter

The MILANO Stella Aroma is built to suite your taste. It features a removable filter part that allows you to control the strength of your espresso.

Cut from Blocks of Premium Stainless Steel

Following the tradition of the Stella family, each part of a MILANO Stella Aroma is individually carved out of solid blocks of stainless steel.

7 Step Hand Polishing Finish

Each part of a MILANO Stella Aroma is made with stainless steel that’s more than triple the thickness of common moka pots. Every luxury moka pot is also hand polished one by one over 7 times to gain the unique luster that makes it special.

Espresso Essentials

GROSCHE milano stella aroma milano stainless steel moka pot stovetop espresso maker moka coffee maker

The Soul of Stella

Who is Stella you may ask? A vintage Italian brand of course.

Stella is an Italian kitchenware brand that celebrates the hearth and home of Italian families. It’s a family-run brand that originated in 1924 and has been passed down through generations.

Milano Stella Aroma Espresso Maker Stella Brand Family

The Stella world has always revolved around attention to detail. Every unique products was designed and created from beginning to end by a team of advanced artisans who made stainless steel their world since the 50s.

“If I think of Stella, I think of the warmth of home, of the generations that pass, of the faces that change.. but the quality and value of our brand that is unchangeable.” – Marina Sgarbi, Granddaughter of Stella Founder, Gino Sgarbi

The Stella Aroma espresso maker was built as an expression of craftsmanship meant for the true luxury coffee connoisseur. Or as we call them today, moka coffee lovers. It’s a combination of luxury design, high end features and Italian heritage. It’ll also make espresso just as good as your favourite coffee shop.

How To Use a MILANO Stella Aroma Espresso Maker

To avoid damaging your luxurious moka pot, please read below how to properly use a MILANO Stella Aroma and get the best moka pot coffee results.

GROSCHE milano stella aroma milano stainless steel moka pot stovetop espresso maker moka coffee maker

Step One: Add water into the bottom boiler chamber, keeping the water level below the brass safety valve (super important).

Step Two: Choose your espresso strength with the flavour control filter. Then add fine ground coffee into the funnel. Do not tamp or compress the coffee grinds.

Step Three: Add the coffee funnel to the boiler and re-assemble the top of the moka pot.

Step Four: Place on a stove top on LOW heat for a consistent brew.

Aluminum Vs Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Makers

There are two types of popular stovetop espresso makers, stainless steel and aluminum. So, the question is which do you go with? Well it depends on your stovetop.GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot 3 Cup - 5oz, Red - Cuban Coffee Maker Stove top coffee maker Moka Italian espresso greca coffee maker brewer percolator

Stainless steel espresso coffee makers, like the MILANO Stella Aroma can be used on all types of stove top types. This includes gas, induction, electric coil and propane stovetops.

GROSCHE aluminum moka pots are high quality and come in a variety of modern colours, but if you have an induction stovetop they are probably not the choice for you.

We recommend that people do not use an aluminum stovetop espresso maker on induction stoves because the material does not heat properly.

Both moka pot types are easy to clean but we also recommend that they are hand washed.