We have a great collection of fine coffee makers and craft coffee brewing gear. Our selection includes stove-top espresso makers, French presses and pour over coffee makers. We’ve got you covered whether you like a bold tasting coffee or prefer a milder one. Our coffee makers allow you to brew your coffee just the way you like it.



We have a a great selection of fresh-roasted coffee beans. Our coffee is from Brazil, Colombia to Jamaica, Hawaii, Guatemala, Haiti, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and more. Our selection includes Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. Choose from popular blends like Mocha Java, Kona Blend, Colombian Supremo or try something new like our Haiti Blue Forest. Choose from different roast levels and decaf coffees.



We have the best collection of premium French presses in glass and stainless steel as well. From our best selling Madrid French press to the bamboo and cork Melbourne, we have the most modern coffee making cafetieres anywhere. We also have double walled glass and insulated coffee presses. Use the French press coffee maker with coarse ground coffee to extract maximum flavour without getting any of the coffee grounds into your cup. You can also use these as tea presses to make loose leaf tea. 



GROSCHE has a wide variety of coffee accessories and replacement parts for your coffee makers. Our milk frothers let you whip up a smooth milk foam to turn your coffees into lattes and cappuccinos. Get a burr coffee grinder to grind your coffee beans fresh to the coarseness you need. Or you can order a replacement beaker, plunger or filter for your French press coffee maker.



The GROSCHE pour over coffee makers and stovetop espresso makers are uniquely designed. They extract the best flavour out of your favourite coffee. All our pour over or drip coffee makers come with permanent stainless steel filters. Choose from different sizes and designs. Our selection of stove-top espresso makers let you prepare a strong shot of stove-top espresso at home. 


cups and glassware

The GROSCHE glass coffee mugs are a must-have for any real coffee lover. Choose from a wide selection of double walled cups and mugs, espresso cups and shot glasses, large glass cups and coffee tumblers. They’re beautifully designed and of highest-quality borosilicate glass. The double wall design keeps the coffee inside hot longer while it keeps the outside of the cup cool to the touch.

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