Get away from sugary pop and sodas, artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes and switch to tasty and healthy fruit infused water. GROSCHE has a great selection of infusion pitchers, travel infusers and double-walled cups & mugs to help you get the best flavours from your fruit, herbs or teas. 


cups and glassware

The GROSCHE double wall water mugs are a must-have in any household. Choose from a wide selection of double walled cups and mugs, large glass cups and glass tumblers. They’re beautifully designed and of highest-quality borosilicate glass. The double wall design keeps your water or soft drink cool longer while the outside of the cup stays comfortable to the touch. 


water infusion pitchers

GROSCHE’s collection of water infusers inlcudes a variety of designs. All water infusers are made from thermal borosilicate glass. Choose an infuser water bottle or a infusion pitcher, and make your own fruit infused water or detox water. Simply add fresh cut fruit or even herbs to the infuser and let it sit for a bit to create a refreshing and healthy alternative to soft drinks.