GROSCHE Coffee & Tea Boutique

Come and see our retail boutique, Guelph’s “go-to” destination for the freshest custom-brewed coffee or tea, and the best accessories. 

Visit us in Downtown Guelph

137 Wyndham St. N
Guelph, ON N3C 1C3
Phone: (226) 314-2670

 Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed



The best all natural loose leaf tea shop in Guelph

For starters, we never use any artificial colors or flavors in our loose leaf teas or coffees, unlike other tea and coffee chain store retailers. All our teas get their flavors and colors naturally from the tea leaves, fruits, nuts herbs, and natural essences and extracts.  All our tea is also guaranteed fresh. We are one of the few tea stores in Canada that only sell all natural teas and coffees. Our customer say we are the best tea shop in Canada with over 100 types of loose leaf tea from around the world.


Grosche-Aberdeen-teapot smart-tea-maker-Pouring-red-loose-leaf-tea-brewed-into-a-glass-double-walled-cup-Grosche-Fresno-800x533-23b

Let us steep a cup of tea for you

We also prepare and serve freshly steeped loose leaf tea from our over 100 varieties. We do custom blends, and offer a line of wellness teas as well to help you with everything from the common cold to tea for falling asleep, to headaches and migraines. 

GROSCHE tea shop Canada Guelph store first living wage retail store

First Living Wage Retailer


The GROSCHE Coffee & Tea Boutique is the first retailer in Guelph to pay all its staff a Living Wage or more. It is also the first (and as far as we know only) living wage tea shop Canada has. While our competitors pay their staff a minimum wage and their managers barely above a minimum, we believe that all people deserve to live in dignity and that work should lift people out of poverty, and not keep them there. That is why from the day we opened our doors we have been the first certified Living Wage Champion retailer in the city of Guelph. GROSCHE is also the first multi site company to pay a living wage in the province of Ontario. 


We brew the best fresh roasted coffee selection in Guelph 

We have over 20 types of fresh roasted whole bean coffees. Our coffees include fair trade, organic, and rain forest alliance  certified coffees. Also each coffee is small batch roasted and is guaranteed fresh. We fresh grind every cup and brew using the Ultramesh for the smoothest cup of coffee possible. People who try our coffee often say its the best coffee they have ever had. We never use pre-ground coffee, or commercial drip coffee makers, or plastic urns to store and serve.


Every cup of coffee is fresh ground, hand made in front of you, and a guaranteed amazing brew.

Where do our guests come from?

Outside Guelph, a lot of our customers are coming from Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Elora, Fergus, even Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, and Toronto. We have brought a new type of coffee and tea store Canada and Canadians are enjoying.