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How To Make A Candy Cane Peppermint Mocha

Holiday menus have dropped and what’s one of the most popular drinks on the menu? Candy cane mochas of course! These chocolaty drinks not only taste delicious, but they’re great for getting you and your guests into the Christmas spirit. For those who want to host a Christmas gathering or just stay in and cozy […]

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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a problem and not a subtle one. Trillions of pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans today and according to Plastic Pollution Coalition, “by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.” This is a very serious problem. Littering or even throwing out single use plastics majorly contributes […]

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Why is Peppermint Tea Good For You?

Herbal teas, like peppermint are a little different from normal teas. Any drink that is tea by definition comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. This includes green, black, white, oolong and pu’erh tea. Herbal teas make up everything outside of the camellia plant. They are often a combination of different herbs, spices or other plants. […]

5 Best Sleepy Time Teas That Help You Sleep

Counting sheep at late night? More and more people are having trouble sticking to a bedtime routine and falling asleep nowadays. A good sleep has many health benefits. Thus, this is the time to introduce you to the best sleepy time tea. Learn how much easier it’ll be to fall asleep. What is Sleepy Time […]

rose quartz oasis insulated infusion bottle travel flask for hot and cold drinks every product sold provides safe water for people in need

Join Our 1 Million Days of Safe Water Campaign!

With the release of the new OASIS Infuser Water Bottle, we wanted to create a campaign that connects to our Safe Water Project in a unique way, just like the new OASIS bottle does.OASIS is our first product that directly connects you to a family whose life has been changed through the Safe Water Project. […]

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Recent Study Finds Microplastics in Tea Bags

A recent study from McGill University in Montreal, Canada found billions of microplastic particles in steeped tea bags. Their study estimates that a single tea bag can contain 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles.   According to TreeHugger, tea bags can contain up to 25% plastic, making them not as environmentally friendly as […]

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What is Bubble Tea (Milk Tea) and How Do You Make It?

What is Bubble Tea? Bubble tea is an iced tea drink that is traditionally made with black or green tea and topped with milk and tapioca pearls (otherwise known as boba). Bubble Tea: A History The drink originated in Taiwan and has become widely popular around the globe by the names of bubble tea, milk […]

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