Herbal Tea Sangria Recipe

Herbal Tea Sangria Recipes – Easy to make Herbal Sangria

There’s no better summer drink than a fruity sangria concoction. It’s refreshing and perfect for those warm summer nights on your own patio. Instead of using sugary juices as a base, we recommend to use tea instead. Use any kind of herbal tea you’d like for our sangria herbal tea recipe; fruit or mint-flavoured are particularly refreshing.

Grosche Infuser Teapots

Which teapot to pick: cast iron, ceramic or glass?

So you’ve picked your favorite loose-leaf, the next step is finding the right teapot for getting the taste you desire. There are several different styles, designs and colours of teapots to choose from: cast iron, ceramic and glass teapots. It’s not only important to find a design you like but also buying one that is […]

detox water recipes

Delicious Detox Water Recipes to Make You Feel Great!

Detox water recipes can be a great way for you to be healthier and stay hydrated. It can help you lose weight, get a break from artificially flavoured beverages or boost your immune system. And needless to say, water will keep you hydrated and naturally flush away toxins from your system just by itself as well. 

how much caffeine is in coffee

Everything you need to know about caffeine

It’s in your coffee, tea and even in your soda: caffeine. You generally know what it does and use it whenever you feel like you want to be more alert. But how much do you really know about the popular pick-me-up? We’ll tell you how much caffeine is in coffee and answer 5 other popular questions […]

GROSCHE green energy

GROSCHE supports green energy with Bullfrog Power

At GROSCHE, we recognize the importance of managing our environmental impact. We are happy to announce that we’re taking a big step to reduce the carbon emissions footprint of our business. We recently made the switch to 100% clean green energy for our company. Moreover, we also support the development of new green energy projects […]